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South Front of Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire
Lord Will-be-Will’s Sally
Title Page
Full-page oak-leaf border
Arrest of the Duke of Gloucester
Dunham’s Coconut Ad
Winged horse from heraldic shield
Zlatá Praha Masthead
To Make a White cake
Plate XCIX.—Hydrostatics.—Fig. 8. Cup of Tantalus (no letters)
Plate XCIX.—Hydrostatics.—Fig. 8. Cup of Tantalus.
A Severe Battle Ensued
Campanile and Façade of S S. Giovanni e Paulo
The Christmas Wagon
Full-page holly and ivy border, US Letter sized
Title page for Circling the Year
Railway Trains in Space
Vicorian room used as a border
The Abandoned Water-Mill
The Village Blacksmith
1675.—North side of the Priory Cloisters, Christ’s Hospital.
2085.—[Samuel] Butler’s House, Pershore
Frontispiece: The Snow Sweepers (1865)
Front Cover - The Circling Year
Vintage gold circular leaf border or frame
Vintage Signs of the Zodiac from Woodcuts
Ointment of the Zodiac
Front Cover, Fabiola
Bird fishing
Back of boy fishing cartoon
Cartoon: barefoot boy fishing
Girl in the window: Atlantic and Pascific Tea Company 1880s Trade Card
Reverse of A & P trade card
The Triumph of Love
Fig. 41.—Un loculus ouvert. (A loculus, or Roman tomb, open.)
Egrets in a Nest, from the book of Deuteronomy ch. 32 v. 11
Full-page brown and green border with ivy creeper
Contents heading with children looking inside a chest
Full-page border with ivy
Monk’s Walking Dress of the Middle Ages
La Loi: Le faible trouve sa force dans la loi qui le protège
Fantine [Les Misérables]
Storming of Antioch.
Full-page ornate decorative border with Christian figures
Druids Offering Human Sacrifice
Ornate and Pretentious Title Page
Charles Dickens: Letter Written the Day before His Death
A Mighty Queen
Front Cover
8.—Ornate Renaissance Border (1536)
Rothenberg Castle Ruins
Title Page
Rustic twig and leaf border (portrait version)
Dress of the Commonality, Time of Charles I.  A.D. 1630.
Rustic twig and leaf border (landscape, or wide version)
The Royal Family
A Tower of Silence
1085.—Circular border of frame, red purple yellow and brown.
Reading the news
St. George
September Harvest Page Template.
Music Hath Charms
Initil Letter L With Cowslips
Title Page, Wild Flowers Series One
Yellow Iris
Decorative initial letter “D” with lady and saint and birds
0987.—Zebra standing at rest.
ivy-covered crubling stone sundial
Gawdey of Norfolk: The silver tortoise
Pierrot Galant [The romantic peasant]
Passages From The Poets – A Garden.
Birth of the Rose
Initial letter A with iris
Front Cover in Green
Inscription in the book
The baron’s Hall at Christmas.
Household Treasures.
Ornate blue and gold full-page border
Front Cover
Vitzlipuztli, God of the Mexicans
Plate XIX, fig. 3.—Crane Mechanism.
Front Cover
The Ruins of Palmyra.
The Parthenon.
Wizard with book and candle
The robber was watching him curiously
Drawing of naked child playing trombone with scroll of music
Front Cover Vol 64
The Witch
678.—Swallowtail Butterfly
O Earth, how like to Heaven, if not preferred More justly
Dutch Delft ceramic tile 28, SVG version
Then Satan First Knew Pain
A Court[yard] at Siout.
Courtship in May
Smiling winged angel with incense
Kneeling saint or nun
Winged angel with incense thurible
2088.—The Custom-House, London, as it appeared before the Great Fire. (From a Print by Hollar.)
The seamless undergarment of Jesus
Decorative Border With Christian Saints
Slivy Toves and the Borogroves
Initial letter C with angel releasing birds from bird-cage
Contents Page
I.-3. Charles Dickens in 1851, With Signature
Young Romance
Front cover for Home Words
Vintage Rustic border of Twigs
136.—Roman Soldier.
1732.—Clock at Hampton Court.
Do wake up, you heavy things!
Mediæval Queen
Mediæval King
Costumes, A.D. 1200 – 1300
Victor Hugo at his writing desk
Victor Hugo amongst the rocks at Jersey
Initial letter D with hiker in forest
Decorative initial letter O, Floriated
2087.—Westminster About 1600.
2086.—Plan of St. Giles in the Fields.
2175.—Chancel of St. Giles, Cripplegate.
Angel Messenger
The Angel of Death
Titlepage Illustration: The Faithful Guardian.
Exterior of a German Inn
Rosenthal’s Elaine.
The Death of Cordelia.
Late Homecoming
Alice Meets Humpty Dumpty
Entrance to the harbour of Messina.
Ornate initial letter “W” with silhouettes of naked women
Queen Alice.
Folder Cover For Part I.
I.-2. Charles Dickens.
I.-1. John Dickens.
The Colosseum in a Storm
Decorative Initial letter “I” With sunbathing lady and birds
Initial letter T with sundial and scythe
Mediaeval Torture Instruments
Tailpiece ornament: flower
Oval or Elliptical Victorian Frame
Title Page
Dedication page With Cartouche
Horses eating a scanty meal
Ornate Rectangular Frame
Cartouche with Sculpture, Art and Architecture
Sixteenth-century noble couple
892.—Oval Frame With Leafy Branches
890. – Dog.
Title Page, South by South East
Fig. 99 No. 8.—Anglo-Saxon Initial letter N
135.—Roman Image of Victory.
Title Page from My Boy Lfe
Rococo headpiece
Front Cover, My Boy Life
John Carroll D..D., Portrait and Signature
Tailpiece ornament - Harp with oak leaves and mistletoe
Ladies’ Costume, Time of Edward I
Pied Léger
Cherub in Persian-Style Frame
Persian-influenced Chapter Head Decoration
Elaborate decorative initial letter “h” with cherub
29.—Portchester Castle, in Hampshire.
Medieval Decorative Initial Capital “D”
Vintage Medieval Daisy Sketch
Saint with book
Fourteenth-Century illuminated D with saint
Blue vine border from 15th century manuscript
Medieval-style border with dog chasing rabbit
Initial letter D, floriated
Head Downwards
Jenny Lind - The Swedish Nightingale
Ornate Victorian border or frame
Jenny Lind
Barn Owl
Newstead Abbey
Rustic full-page border of twigs in four sections
Costumes, A.D. 1380.
Full-page simple border of twigs
Costume. A.D. 1302 – 1413.
Vintage border of brambles and flowers
King John Sealing Magna Charta
Magna Carta
2. The Seal of Agares
6. The Seal of Valefor.
1. The Seal of Baal
clipart: initial letter L from late 15th century printed book
Vintage border with peacock-feather styilized flowers
Vintage border with peacock-feather style flowers, in blue
Sheepkeeper - Sheep Shopkeeper
Alice and the Sheep in a Rowing Boat
Tweedledee and Tweedledum Prepare for Battle
Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury
Gresham’s Royal Exhange
Methought what pain it was to drown
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