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I am not a professional bookseller. Just a private person. I used to collect books, years ago, and that's where most of the pictures and texts come from on this Web site. I do sometimes buy books for the images, but I don't have much budget.

The images are free at Web sizes; at larger sizes I still tend to give them away to barefoot people :-) or to non-profit organizations or for research.

The ads on the site pay for the Web hosting at least part of the year; images are expensive to serve, so if the site costs me too much I'll have to close it.

You can help by donating money in USD with paypal; any amount over $5 helps, but much less than that means that the currency conversion and fees eat it all and you're really donating to a bank!


You can also send illustrated out-of-copyright books; if I can, I will pay postage. Please ask me about the books first because copyright varies from country to country: serving up books on the Web for other people to use means I have to respect that regardless of where I live.

Thank you, and I hope you get some pleasure from visting From Old Books . Org.