33.—“Cornish Riviera Express” – Great Western Railwaydetails

[Picture: 33.—“Cornish Riviera Express” – Great Western Railway]
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33.—“Cornish Riviera Express” – Great Western Railway

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The “Cornish Riviera” train passing Twyford, 10.30 a.m. Ex Paddington, G.W.R.

The locomotive here is probably a King class 4-6-0, and there are I think thirteen coaches. The picture was taken some time after 1927.

The Great Western Railway clung to a design of signal visible here in which down meant “go” and horizontal meant “stop”–the trouble with this is that mechanical failure (sometimes caused by an accumulation of snow on the signal itself) could make the signal fall when it shouldn’t; other railways moved to having up mean “go” and horizontal mean “stop”. The horizontal position always meant stop.


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