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Dunham’s Coconut Ad

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A picture of a quarter of a pie on a plate with a fork stuck into it, in a fancy Art Nouveau border, tops this advert:

The Best Pie Receipt [recipe].

Custard Cocoanut Pie.

Four eggs beaten light, cup sugar gradually added; and two level teaspoons flour moistened little cold milk. Add pint milk, oint Dunhams’s Cocoanut; mix thoroughly; add teaspoon vanilla. Bakepie dishes lined with light paste. Mrs. S. T. Rorer.

Dunham’s Cocoanut

Retains all the pure cocoanut flavour, dainty and delicious, in a triple cover dust-proof package. All the good inside – protected from every impurity. Look for these trademarks.

Send a postal for “Dainty Desserts” a beautiful illustrated booklet of 54 receipts. Mailed Free.

DUNHAM MFG. CO., 370 Pearl St., New York.

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