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Zlatá Praha Masthead

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This is the masthead, the design at the top of the front page of this Victorian-era Bohemian magazine.

There’s a border of styilized waves with the words “ZLATÁ PRAHA” (meaning Golden Prague) in huge type; beneath it an engraving of a women, perhaps a mother, facing away from us, topless, one arm resting on a pile of old leather-bound books, the other pointing towards a distant vista of the city of Prague; she faces away from us and to her left are two small naked children, one of whom offers fronds of leaves to the lady. There’s also a silver ewer and a bust; above the vista two shields, one with three smaller shields on it and the other with a winged horse, Pegasus. The whole picture is surmounted by the crest of Prague, the Czech lion crowned.

I made a separate image with the winged horse.

The engraving is signed Farban, but I could not find more information about an artist of that name.


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