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Ichabod Crane’s Gobline

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A pale-skinned winged goblin wih long spindly legs and arms and a cane over its shoulder at the end of which is a glowing object, perhapsa lantern. In the distant background is a black-caped person perhaps in pursuit. The picture is a circular vignette with vegetation escaping the frame at the bottom.

The picture doesn’t illustrate a scene from the text. I found the same image captioned as A mischievious sprite or even (less plausibly) Robin Goodfellow. There is mention of a goblin, however:

Just then he saw the goblin rising in his stirrups, and in the very act of hurling his head at him. Ichabod endeavored to dodge the horrible missile, but too late. It encountered his cranium with a tremendous crash—he was tumbled headlong into the dust, and Gunpowder, the black steed, and the goblin rider, passed by like a whirlwind. (p. 74)



66 x 74mm (2.6 x 2.9 inches)

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23149 dots per inch (approximately)



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