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Bougie and the Atlas Mountains

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This stunning and beautiful chromolithograph shows a view of a small town in Algiers, with the Atlas Mountains in the background. The engraving is captioned Bougie and the Atlas Mountains; the modern name for Bougie is Béjaïa. neither place is mentioned in the text except for the engraving as far as I can tell, but the text I’ve extracted below might apply, as it’s from the surrounding pages.

Hâji-Bukhari received us in the most courteous manner; but when I requested permission to visit the thermal springs of Hammam-Sidi-Ben-Hanefiah, he gave an evasive answer, and offered to have the water brought to Mascara for our examination.


After an interval of a week, I tried again to get permission for an excursion to the thermal springs. The Governor of Mascara sat in the hall of justice among his clerks and beadles: he seemed to be in bad temper, and did not invite me to sit down; but I took my place opposite to him on his mat, and we had the following conversation:—

“You have,” said I, “promised me an escort and a guide whenever I might intend to visit some more distant points. I come now to ask a guide to Hammam-Sidi-Hanefiah.”

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