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[Picture: Ashurbanipal sacrificing the lions he has killed]
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Ashurbanipal sacrificing the lions he has killed

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King Ashurbanipal ruled over what was then the largest empire the world had ever seen, now called the Neo-Assyrian Empire. The empire lasted for around three hundred years (911 – 612 BCE).

The scene in the picture, in luxurious reds and golds, is described as being based on a scene from the bas-reliefs from the Temple of Nineveh, in the British Museum. I am not sure why someone is carrying an umbrella.

The caption in Spanish reads as follows:

Asurbanipal ofrece en sacrificio los leones muertos por el.
(Detalles exactos de los bajo-relieves del Meseo Britanico)

Three contributors are credited:

The artist: D. Baixeras.

The printer: Mir Tarradas, Comas y Cª,—Editores.

The lithographer: A. Casanovas,—Lit..

D. Baixeras is Dionís Baixeras i Verdaguer (1862–1943).


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