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Ornate and Pretentious Title Page

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The title page of Universal Classic Manscripts is made to look like an alabaster funeral monument on the wall of a cathedral, with ornater fed and gold filigree work topped by a coat of arms of the UK with the lion and the unicorn as suppporters. The “engraved” writing reads as follows:

Fac-similes from Originals in the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum, of Royal, Historic and Diplomatic Documents, Letters and Autographs of Kings, Queens, Princes, Statesmen, Generals, Authors, etc. With Descriptions, Editorial Notes, References and Translations by

George F. Warner, M.A.
Asst. Keeper of Manuscripts British Museum.

Special Introduction by S. M. Hamilton
Editor, “Letters to Washingon,” Etc.

M. Walter Dunne, Publisher
Washington & London


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