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Chatsworth, Derbyshire

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The engraving, based on a picture by Thomas Allom, shows in the foreground deer and people on horseback under large tree, but the view is dominated by the massiveness of the house itself.

It is still owned, and inhabited, by the same family: the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

The picture is also signed ‘J Saddler’ which I have taken to be John Saddler.

Chatsworth, Derbyshire

Seat of the Duke of Devonshire

“And Derwent with his mineral-cradles waves

The feet of Chatsworth laves;

And then as doth beseem,

One honour’d in his youth, doth proudlier pour

His ampler waters, listening to the theme

Of Cavendish’s praise on either shore.”

The Chatsworth estate belonged, in the sixteenth century, to Elizabeth, co-heiress of John Hardwick, of Hardwick in the county of Derby. This accomplished and high-minded lady became first the consort of Sir William Cavendish, but, on his death, of the Earl of Shrewsbury. To her prudence, and commanding abilities, however, are justly attributed the wealth and elevated rank which the illustrious descendants of her offspring by her first marriage have since continued to enjoy. Her personal talents, her varied acquirements, were of the highest order; she rebuilt the now venerable pile

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