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Arrest of the Duke of Gloucester

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On a grassy knoll, with trees, outside a castle, the King’s soldiers arrest the Duke of Gloucester on his horse. You can tell the King on the right by his crown and the royal coat of arms just visible on his horse’s caparison; the duke of Gloucester is identified by his robe, which is drawn using the heraldic convention for ermine. A boat is parked nearby, perhaps to carry the Duke off to Calais, which is hinted at in the background.

After the decease of Queen Anne, Richard II., then in his twenty-ninth year, made a contract to marry Isabella, daughter of Charles VI., king of France. The affianced bride was only seven years of age, but Richard was desirous of securing a treaty of peace with France, and of thwarting his uncle, the duke of Gloucester, who had never reconciled himself to the loss of power. On November 1, 1896, the marriage was celebrated with much pomp by the archbishop of Canterbury in the church of St Nicholas, at Calais, and the child-queen was crowned at Westminster with great magnificence in the

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