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A girl in a long formal pleated dress sits reading a book; she is sitting on a wooden chair with an upholstered cushion for the back and another for the seat; she clutches her frilly lace collar with her left hand. On her right, and our left, is a table with a large potted palm plant in a bowl with a lion door-knocker handle on the side. The girl is lost in thought.

An extract from “World and lonliness” (Welt und Einsamkeit) by Emanuel Geibel accompanies this picture (or the other way round perhaps); the last few lines give a feel for it. The girl, some sixteen years old, is reading a book and imagining and dreaming about the things she reads on a warm summer’s day:

So far away on the beach, in the woods, on castle ruins
All your fairy tale charms flow into my song,
As in the summer time, as soon as the night appeared,
The carnation scent, mixed with the scent of the jasmines,
The lukewarm darkness pervades. (p. 110)

I also made a version of this picture without the subject, but with a blank space, perhaps for a poster: Victorian room full-page border


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