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South Front of Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, in Belvoir Castle, Grantham, Leicestershire more

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South Front of Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

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Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire,

seat of the duke of rutland.

“ ’Tis an old and stately castle,

In an old and stately wood,

Thoughts and shadows gather round it,

Of the ages it has stood.”

William the Norman was followed to England [just after A.D. 1066] by a train of landless lords, whose fidelity he requited by extensive territorial grants in his newly acquired kingdom. One of these barons, Robert de Todenci, his standard-bearer, was rewarded by the munificent grant of forty manors, or lordships, all contiguous, alhough in the the several counties of Leicester, Lincoln, and Northampton. The eagle-height of this wood-clad rock was a fitting feudal site, and there the military liege-lord erected his fortress-home, which he very significantly called Château de Belvedere. the position of the present castle, which is the precise spot on which Todenci’s towers stood, very much resembles that of Windsor. From the tall tower, the whole vale of Bever is seen extending into the three shires already named, and from thence may be traced the boundaries of the many manors, that have descended to the present noble owner from his Norman ancestor. (p. 17)

Belvoir castle is owned (in 2018) by the 11th Duke of Rutland. The same family have lived there for almost a thousand years, although they don’t look all that old to me.

The picture is signed T. Allom, which I am taking to be Thomas Allom, an English architect and landscape artist.

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