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Paul and Virginia in the Forest

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«Paul Virginie dans la forêt» – Huile datant du milieu du XIXe siècle, d’après Frédéric Henri Schopin, et dont l’auteur est inconnu

This engraving by A. L. Dick is of a painting by Frédéric Henri Schopin; the original painting was one of four made to illustrate a tragic novel, Paul and Virginia (Paul et Verginie), by Jacques-Henri Bernardin of Saint-Pierre, set in Mauritania. It’s possible that the painting used for this engraving was actually a later copy, and not very accurate, as claimed in French above, at the only place where I found this exact picture, Peintures des lointains. The book containing this engraving said that the artist had not painted anything for a long time.

The novel itself was immensely popular in France, and contained biting social commentary. The idea of living barefoot also amused some people both at the time and later.

I also made the arched border available as a separate image.


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