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A page with three main text areas surrounded by a border featuring pheasant and grouse, rabbit, a country church with its lych-gate, nuts (acorns on the left, horse chestnut at centre-right), wheat, fruits and other Autumn/harvest motifs, and, at the bottom, a sailing boat with a distant light-house on a cliff. The three texts and the footer follow; the page is available as a separate image with just the authumn border.

Daily Bread.

“Give is this day our daily bread.”—St. matt. vi. 11.

Lord! by Thee the world is fed,

Thou dost give our daily bread.

Soon as man the seed hath sown,

Thy Almighty power is shown.

Thou with warmth and genial shower

Giv’st the seed its quickening power.

Thine alone—the power of God—

Gives the blade to pierce the clod.

Light Thou givest; Thou again

Makest small the drops of rain.

Held by Thee, the clouds on high

Drop their fatness from the sky.

Thus the stalk, the leaf appear:

Thus the seed-producing ear.

Myriad blossoms in the sun

Glitter till their work is done.

Thou dost every step defend

Till is reached the happy end.

Thus by thee the world is fed,

Thus Thou givest daily bread.

Gems from Old Writers.

selected by the editor.

“If there be happiness on earth, it is in labouring in the cause of Christ. The vineyard must be cultivated; and the command is, that we enter it and work.”—Anon.

“I never seem fit to say a word to a sinner, except when I have a broken heart myself.”—Payson.

“Humility and holiness increase in equal proportions.”—Anon.

“I will suffer a thousand wrongs rather than offer one; I will suffer a hundred rather than return one. I have ever found that to strive with my superior is fatuous; with my equa, doubtful; with my inferior, sordid and base; with any, full of unquietness.”—Bishop Hall.

“He that refuses to forgive an injury, breaks the bridge he will one day want to cross himself.”—Beveridge.

“Every man thinketh he is rich enough in grace till he taketh out his purse and tellth his money; and then he findeth his pack but poor and light in the day of trial.”—Rutherford.

The Earth doth Worship Thee.”

“They shout for joy, they also sing.”—Ps. lxv. 13.

(what follows is a table of religious topics for each day of September)

The Fireside news. Monthly magazines for the home. Weekly Newspaper 1d.



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