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Pictures, Engravings and Extracts From Old Books

More than 4,100 free images from old, rare, antique and vintage books. High-resolution images for sale.

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William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke
Sir Philip Sidney
Corner Bookcase Ornament
11. Seal of Gusion.
The Blizzard in America; Dead Boy in the Snow
Front Cover, Le Musée Artistique et Littéraire
Choral Recital with the organ
Decorative clip-art Victorian border, antique green
Cartouche With Cherubs
Monseigneur Dabart, bishop of Périgueux and of Sarlat.
Full-page portrait border with nameplate space
Sir Isaac Newton
Rustic full-page border of twigs with roses, divided into several areas
Mr. Edison’s New Phonograph
John Bunyan’s Cottage
Colophon with full-page border
Historiated decorative initial capital letter M in Blue
Front Cover, Moderne Kunst 14
Patriotic Border With Stars, Stripes, Eagles
Floriated initial capital letter  “S”
The Rose of the South (Portrait)
A tiny woodland fairy with wings
Vintage Tractors
Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves
Art Deco Full Page Border
Skeleton with Banner
Winged Skeleton with Hourglass on a Tombstone
The Magical Circle of King Solomon
Eve of St. John’s Day
A Hole in the Sack
Index, pointing hand, or manicule
Wandering Minstrel
Names of Angels and Days (overview)
Ornate Victorian Border
Auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt (At Christmasfest)
In the desert between Assouan and Philae.
2.—Stonehenge. – Restored Plan.
Faun playing pipes to his children
Churchyard of Stoke-Pogis, England
Purple Victorian Vine-leaf Border
Catherine de Medici in front of the magic mirror of her astrologer Cosimo Ruggieri
Four Seasons Personified, and Zodiac Signs Personified
Homecoming, by Robert Engels
Clip-art: calligraphic decorative initial capital letter D from XIV. Century  No. 1
clipart: initial letter B from beginning of the 16th Century
Title Page, Craftsman’s Plant Book
826.—Evergreen, Holly or Holm Oak.
Knight, Death and the Devil (1513)
St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Clovelly, From the Hobby Walk
Haynes School Charter from 1850
Tales of Perrault: Little Thumb
Basilica St. Anthony,  Padua
Victorian vine-leaf page border
XLIII..—Aragli or Big Horn.

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