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St. Lawrence and St. Vincent
G. Tornai: At the harem
Serpentin-Tanzerin [the serpentine dancer]
11. Seal of Gusion.
Stock block: Victorian railway engine and tender
stock block: scales, or equal-arm balance.
clipart: initial letter T from beginning of the 16th Century
Decorative clip-art Victorian border, antique green


The signs of the Zodiac, from an 1826 woodcut
stock block: Young male servant carrying a boar’s head
By the Sea
Sir Isaac Newton
2056.—Old Shoes for some Brooms!
Rev. Theobald Mathew
Marguerite, Countess of Blessington
Catapulta [Catapult]
Endpiece: Tree in a tub
Stoke Pogis Churchyard
Dark Passion Flowers

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