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Mediaeval Border from Title Page
Red border from Page 27
Cartouche from Dedication Page
Title Page Detail: Basket of Flowers
Clip-art: Victorian Floriated Border
Clip-art: Victorian Floriated Border in Green and Brown
Victorian border, Gold on Black.
Holly Wreath
Musical Border
Holy Court Book decorated leather spine
Victorian vine-leaf page border
Antique/Vintage Chain-link Border (coloured)
Floriated initial capital letter  “S”
Floriated initial capital letter “S” (coloured version)
A Mameluke in Full Armour.
Plate 3, Page with foliated border from 1478
Full-page foliated border from 1478.
6. Title Page: Orontii Quadrans Astrolabicus Omnibus
Cherub delivering a love-letter
Floriated initial letter “T”
Floriated initial letter T, coloured version
8.—Title Page from De Studio Literarum (1536)
84.—Julias Cæsar.
85.—Roman Eagle.
Osanna in Excelsis
89. Roman Lighthouse, Church and Trenches in Dover Castle.
Gardener’s Boy
90.—Dover Cliffs.
91.—Roman Church in Dover Castle
92.—Roman Eagle.
93.—Roman Galley.
94.—Roman Galley.
95.—Roman Galley
96.—Roman Standard Bearers.
97.—Roman Soldiers.
Satan and Beelzebub
Avenging Angel
View From City Walls
103.—Ruins of the Ancient Church of Reculver.
104.—Plan of Porchester Castle, Hants.
105.—General View of the Ruin of Pevensey Castle.
106.—Plan of Pevensey Castle.
107.—Walls and Gate, Pevensey.
108.—Walls, Pevensey.
110.—Sally Port, Pevensey.
111.—Norman Keep, Pevensey.
112.—Interior of Norman Tower, Pevensey.
113.—The Thames at Coway Stakes.
115.—Rome—A fragment after Piranesi.
116.—Roman Victory.
Valerio Spada: Historiated Alphabet, 1656 – 1659 [A-M]
Valerio Spada: Historiated Alphabet, 1656 – 1659 [N-Z]
159.—Horse and Carriage.
160. – Horse and Carriage.
166.—Two dogs in Scotland
194.—Ringed Mail. Cotton MS. Claud. B, 4.
Picton Castle. – Pembrokeshire.
Antique engraving of a gryphon
236.—Saxon Emblems of the Month of March
237.—Saxon Emblems of the Month of April.
238.—Ploughing, Sowing, Mowing, Gleaning, Measuring Corn, and Harvest-Supper.
239.—Convivial Party. Harleian MS. No. 603.
Mournful / Contemplative Full-Page Border With Statues
Fantasy Romantic Border with Eros, Cherubs and Mermaids
Eros (Cherub with Bow)
Birthplace of General U. S. Grant.
Washington and his Father
283.—Royal Costume, and the Harness and Equipment of Horses.  (Cotton M.S.)
284.—The Harp, Accompanied by Other Instruments (cotton MS.).
285.—Saxon Cloaks, Plain and Embroidered Tunics, and Shoes. (Cotton MS.)
287.—Anglo-Saxon Females
The Young General [George Washington]
Painted Window. Two Saxon Earls of Mercia, And Seven Norman Earls of Chester.
379.—Carlisle Castle.
381.—St. Mary’s Chapel, Hastings Cliff Castle.
Interior of the Temple Church.
49.—Stone Henge, in Wiltshire.
Snake and Owl Border.
524.—Plan of the Priory of St. Bartholomew.
The Adoration of the Maji.  By F. R. Pickersgill, R.A.
53.—Mongrams, Crosses, etc. [overview]
Fairy Dance.
56.—Seed Index 4.
Rocking-Horse Fly
574.—Lincoln Cathedral.
576.—Lincoln Cathedral.
577.—Interior of Lincoln Cathedral.
Snap-dragon fly
580. – EEarly English Turret, Lincoln.
584.—Bracket, Lincoln.
Boss, Nave, Lincoln
589.—Durham Cathedral.
Alice and the Fawn
Wentworth Woodhouse.
68a.—Myller Book Mark - Lion With Pillar
Jost Ammon’s Printer’s Mark
Tweedledum and Tweedledee
XXXII. The Empress Harpsichord.
734.—Stewkley Church, Buckinghamshire.
736.—Sanctuary, Westminster.
Postilion galloping uphill
The Walrus and the Carpenter
The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (second version).
The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (first version)
Border with troubadors and drolleries
Newstead Abbey
They Had Eaten Every One
784.—Horse Beating a Tabor.
787.—Bob Apple.
792.—Ancient Quintain.
Full-page border with hearts and moons
The Red King Asleep
Ostenhanger House, Kent, Plate I
Spirit Angels of Peace
Chester Cathedral Tower from St. John’s Street
894.—Full-page border with laurel-leaf frame
9.—7ft Single Express Locomotive, No. 123
Sacred Monogram and Badges of the Apostles
Initial Letter M With Crucifixion Scene
929.—North West View of Salisbury Cathedral.
Alice and the White Queen Addressed
933.—Early English Foliage Bracket.
934.—Gable Crosses.
Fig. 95.—Showing Edison-Swan Ampère Meter.
Border with initial letter A
Angel playing the harp, attended by deer
Isolated Angel Drawing
Chapter-head: Greek or Egyptian Frieze
Names of Angels and Days (overview)
Full Page Border With Alchemical And Zodiacal Symbols and Signs
Orange Court – Drury Lane
A Laboratory.
Tailpiece ornament with vase
Crossed Swords with Snake
Ruins and tombs and withred grass
1250.—Archers. (From various MSS. of the 14th Century.)
1251.—Storming a Fort. (Haeleian M.S. 4379.)
1253.—Breeching Tower; Archers behind their Pavison; Canon, Crossbow-men, &c.
1254.—Jousting Tournament. Harleian MS. 4379
Borders with posies of flowers on either side.
The Old Ruined Abbey
1275.—Tomb of Sir John Crosby.
Military Costume, Middle of Fifteenth Century.
Three knights from the 15th century
1314.—Northleach church, Gloucestershire
1315.—Weston Church.
132.—Diverses: Les Planètes.
Free clip-art: Eighteenth-century Border from Figures pour les Missels
Quaint Pointy Hands And Things
Humpty-Dumpty Shouts into the Messenger’s Ear
Newgate – Exercise Yard
Two-wheeled plough. (From Harleian MS. No. 4374)
1387.—Leaping through a Hoop. (ANcient MS. engraved in Strutt’s Sports)
1390.—Shuttle-Cock (From a MS. in the Douce Collection.)
Street Music—1789.
Furness Abbey.
Presented with the passport
Costumes, 1480
The Dukes of Gloucester and Clarence. (Royal MSS.)
153.—Captain of the Scoundrels.
1532.—Interior of the Beauchamp Tower
154.—Beggar with Hurdygurdy.
156.—Uncial Gothic Capitals. 14th Century.
Geomantic Characters
Dark Passion Flowers
Dragon Talisman
167.—German Gothic Initials [A – H].
The White Knight Falls Off His Horse
1672.—Hulme Hall, Lancashire.—Front View.
1674.—Plan of Buckhurst House, Sussex.
The Exchequer Gate and the West Front of the Cathedral.
The West Front, From the Minster-yard.
Bakehouse of the Fifteenth Century
Carriage of the Fifteenth Century.
Reading Desks. MS. Bodleian Library. (detail)
1800.—Tric-trac, by Teniers.
Vintage border of brambles and flowers
Tutbury Castle
The Sacrifice to the Nile.
The Standard of the White Horse
Circular Frame With Weapons
Historiated Initial Letter “A”
S. Giorgio in Velabro
The Prince With the Golden Hand (hand-coloured version)
The Prince With the Golden Hand
Border of flowers and thorns
London Bridge in 1694
227.—Alphabetum Indicum.
Scrollwork Border from page 227
Silent they stood
Bab En Nasr
Bab El-Footoh
Flavius Constantine
Music.—A Man at the Spinet.
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