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[Picture: 105.—General View of the Ruin of Pevensey Castle.]
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105.—General View of the Ruin of Pevensey Castle.

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Anderida, the sea-fort of Sussex, is held by some to be Hastings, by others to be East Bourn. It is not our purpose to enter upon any controversial discussion of such matters; but it appears to us that Pevensey, one of the most remarkable castles in our country, which the Roman, and the Saxon, and the Norman, had one after the other garrisoned and fortified,—the ruins of each occupier themselves telling such a tale of “mutability” as one spot has seldom told,—was as likely to have been the Anderida of the Saxon shore, as Hastings and East Bourn, between which it is situated. Be that as it may, we proceed briefly to describe this remarkable ruin.

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Having passed into the area by the east gate, we cross in the direction of the dotted line to the south-western or Decuman Gate. This is very perfect, having a tower on each side. Going without the walls at this point, and scrambling beneath them to the south, we can well understand how the fort stood proudly above the low shore when the sea almost washed its walls. The ruin on this side is highly picturesque, large masses of the original wall having fallen (Fig. 105). (p. 35)

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