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[Picture: 922. West gate and Holy Cross Church, Canterbury.]
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922. West gate and Holy Cross Church, Canterbury., in Canterbury, Kent, England more

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922. West gate and Holy Cross Church, Canterbury.

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In the great insurrection just mentioned, perished, on Tower Hill, Simon de Sudbury, son of Nicolas Tibald, gentleman, of Sudbury, in Suffolk. He was eighteen years Bishop of London, and, on being elevated to the Archbishopric of Canterbury, rebuilt the walls and west gate (fig. 922). (p. 254)

The Church of the Holy Cross in Canterbury is now the Guildhall, and is no longer used as a church.

The engraving shows the West Gate (Westgate today I think) with Holy Cross Church in the background. A carriage passes through the gate, a couple of boys lean against the wall, and a dog runs past in the foreground. No artist seems to be credited.


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