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287.—Anglo-Saxon Females

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The practice of bandaging or cross-gartering the hose is indicated in many Anglo-Saxon drawings (Figs. 284, 288). Secondly, the ladies wore a long and ample garment with loose sleeves (the gunna, whence our gown), over a closer-fitting one, which had tight sleeves reaching to the wrist; over these a mantle was worn by the superior classes, and a sort of hood or veil upon the head (Figs. 286, 287). Those who desire further information upon the subject of the Anglo-Saxon costume may consult Mr. Blanche’s valuable little work upon ‘British Costume,’ or the ‘Pictorial History of England,’ Book II. Chap. VI. (p. 70)

The wood-engraving or woodcut shows two upper-class ladies, each in long dresses with matching head-gear. One lady stands and holds an open book while the other is seated and waves a hand. These are Anglo-Saxon Women from Old England.

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