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62.—Chepstow from the bridge.
Chepstow Castle, 4:3 cropped version
Portrait of King Henry the Eighth
Plate XCIX.—Hydrostatics.—Fig. 1. A quadruple pump-mill for raising water.
1050.—Border with Bishops
Front Cover, Die Kirchliche Baukunst des Abendlandes
Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves
Printer’s Mark: Gryphon
590.—Stone Chair in the Chapter House, Durham.
Lines and Leaves Page Border
Decorative clip-art Victorian border, Black and White
Anglo-Saxon decorative initial B in the Celtic knotwork style
Celtic knotwork dragon ornament/initial
Byzantine Saint seated, with book
clipart: initial letter S from late 15th century printed book
Inhabited Initial letter B, Anglo-Saxon
Rome: Pantheon
Clip-art: calligraphic decorative initial capital letter R from XIV. Century  No. 1

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