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Khaya (Kaja) Castle
Castles 8: Khaya, Starhemberg, Grundriss von Lichtenfels
Calligraphic flourish
2.—Stonehenge. – Restored Plan.
156.—Uncial Gothic Capitals. 14th Century.
Architecture fig. 1a, Column from Lindisfarne
Architecture (full page print)
Floriated initial capital letter  “S”
Printer’s ornament with birds
The Sanctuary, National War Shrine, Edinburgh
Washington Brass, Sulgrave Church
clipart: initial letter S from late 15th century printed book
Border with Mary, Jesus and Joseph
Cloisters in Santa Scholastica, Subiaco
Gad’s Hill Place, near Rochester (Kent, UK)
Portrait of King Henry the Eighth
Decorative initial letter “J” from 11th century.
clipart: initial letter S from beginning of the 16th Century
1048.—Border with Evangelists
Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves

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