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Names of Angels and Days (overview)

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A Table shewing the names of the Angels governing the 7 days of the week with their Sigils, Planets, Signs &c

The names are Michaiel, Gabriel, Camael, Raphael, Sachiel, Ana’el and Cassiel, for Sunday, Monday, and so forth, and for the names of the Heavens, in columns under the days, 4th Machen, 1st Shamain, 5th Machon, 2ns Raquie, 6th Zebul, 3rd Sagun, and “No Angels ruling above the 6th Heaven” for Saturday.

I have also made the individual astrological symbols, planetary signs and angelic sigils available:

Angelic symbol for Michael
Planetary symbol for Sun
Zodiac symbol for Leo

Angelic symbol for Gabriel
Planetary symbol for Moon
Zodiac symbol for Cancer

Angelic symbol for Samael
Planetary symbol for Mars
Zodiac symbol for Aries
Zodiac symbol for Scorpio

Angelic symbol for Raphael
Planetary symbol for Mercury
Zodiac symbol for Gemini
Zodiac symbol for Virgo

Angelic symbol for Sachiel
Angelic symbol for Sachiel
Angelic symbol for Sachiel
Planetary symbol for Jupiter
Zodiac symbol for Sagittarius
Zodiac symbol for Pisces

Angelic symbol for Anael
Angelic symbol for Anael
Planetary symbol for Venus
Zodiac symbol for Taurus
Zodiac symbol for Libra

Angelic symbol for Cassiel
Angelic symbol for Cassiel
Angelic symbol for Cassiel
Planetary symbol for Saturn
Zodiac symbol for Capricorn
Zodiac symbol for Aquarius

I also drew a full-page zodiac border using some of these symbols.

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The Book of Enoch gives the seven Archangels as follows:

Uriel, in charge of the world and Tartarus.

Raphael, in charge of the spirits of men.

Reuel, who takes vengeance on the world of the luminaries.

Michael, in charge of Israel [or, of the good people?].

Sariel, who is in charge of the spirits [or, people?] who sin against the spirit.

Gabriel, who is in charge of paradise and the serpents and the cherubim.

Remiel, whom God has put in charge of them that rise.

(adapted from the Hermeniae translation by George Nickelsburg, Amazon: Canada, USA


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