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68a.—Myller Book Mark - Lion With Pillar

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Die schöne Marke des Strassburger Druckers Crafft Myller vom Jahre 1537 in Holzschnitt von einem unbekannten Meister. (p. 50)

Google translates the caption as: The beautiful brand of the Strasbourg printer Crafft Myller the year 1537 in a woodcut of unknown master.

In this woodcut, a lion brandishes a pillar; under the lion’s paw is a shield bearing the portrait of a bearded man wielding a jaw-bone. There is a caption: Hostibus haud tergo, sed forti pectore notis. This means, more or less, Foes shall know his brave front, but not his rear, and referred to Achilles (it is from Catullus’ Achilleid).



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