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Then Satan First Knew Pain

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In this pcture signed by Gustav Doré and engraved by Antoine-Alphée Piaud Satan is depicted as a man with bat-like dark wings and curly hair, wearing a chainmail shirt or tunic and rags for a skirt or shorts, with bare legs and bare feet. He is lying on the ground, his forehead wrinkled in surprise, confusion and pain. His sword and shield are on the ground and he has one leg in the air, as if he is writhing and turning in pain. The setting seems to be a rocky canyon. In the text, Michael’s sword has just pierced Satan’s right side.

… then Satan first knew pain,

And writhed him to and fro convolved; so sore

the griding sword with discontinuous wound

Pass’d thro’ him, but th’ ethereal substance closed

Not long divisible, and from the gash

A stream of nectarous humor issuing flow’d

Sanguine, such as celestial spirits may bleed.

(p. 59; Book VI lines 482 – 486)



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