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2.—Stonehenge. – Restored Plan.
1734.—Man and Woman in Stocks.
Title Page: Andrews’ Curiosities
The Harmony of the World
In the Jephson Gardens, Leamington
Guy’s Cliffe, Warwick
The Leam at Leamington
Leycester Hospital
Reading Abbey, Plate 1
Reading Abbey (Background 1)
Reading Abbey (Background 2)
Reading Abbey (Background 3)
Reading Abbey (Coloured version)
Reading Abbey (Background 4)
An enormous puppy
Alice and the Dodo
Alice grown tall
Alice grows huge again
Father William standing on his head.
Alice grown big
The mouse tells Alice a story
Alice Swimming
The Caterpillar
Alice was too big for the room
Alice Looking for the Door
Alice stretches her hand and tries to grab the White Rabbit
Drink Me
Alice swimming near a mouse
422.—Goodrich Castle
The Gateway of St. John’s College
1308.—Stratford Church: West End
1305.—Church of Aston Cantlow
19. Stokesay Castle, Shropshire (cir. 1240-90).
2. Castle Hedingham, Essex
3. Castle Hedingham, Essex
5. Castle Hedingham, Essex
18.  Bodiam Castle, Sussex (1386)
6. Castle Hedingham, Essex.
4. Castle Hedingham, Essex.
Museum of Antiquities
Plate 43.—XIV. Century  No. 1
book cover
01. 8th Century.  Vatican.
07. 7.—11th Century and Numerals
Frontispiece: Cranbrook, Kent
Tonbridge, Kent
Letter K
Hollingbourne, Kent
Frontispiece: Cranbrook, Kent
Frontispiece: Cranbrook, Kent
Puck and the Fairies
Magical Circle, Seals and Characters
St. Donat’s Castle
Donnington Castle
Church of St. Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol
Church of St.Mary, Redcliffe(bg)
Magdalen Cloisters
Broughton Castle
Printer’s Ornament with harp and vine
1313.—Font in East Dereham Church, Norfolk
Plate XXVII. Hereford Cathedral.
St. Cecilia
2029.—A Parallel of some of the principal Towers and Steeples built by Sir Christopher Wren
Raglan Castle
Raglan Castle
New Testament
Goodrich Castle
Francis Grose, Esq. F.S.A. etc.
Plate XXV. The Cloisters, Norwich Cathedral.
Plate XX. Flying Buttresses.
The Minster, North Side
Monk Bar
The Minster and Bootham Bar
Front Cover
Magdalen Tower From Christchurch
1951.—Battle at Worcester
1304.—Chapel at Guy’s Cliff
1303.—Guy’s Cliff in the 17th Century
Oxford Castle
Plate 18.—Llanthony Abbey
Plate 18.—Llanthony Abbey (Wallpaper Edition)
129.—Wall of Burgh Castle
1311.—Luton Church
2042.—Country Woman with Mufflers
2041.—Lady Mayoress of London
2043.—Musketeer, 1603
Bedford Bridge
Sheldons, Wiltshire [Frontispiece].
67. Brympton D’Evercy, Somerset.
68. Fawsley, Northamptonshire.
21. Stokesay Castle (General View)
The Old Clarendon Building, Broad Street
Brasenose College and Radcliffe Library Rotunda
Magdalan Bridge and Tower
Fisher Row and Remains of Oxford Castle
Martyrs’ Memorial and St. Giles
Magdalen College From the Cherwell
The Cottages, Worcester College Gardens
Iffley Mill
The Manor House, Austerfield
Plate 17.—Cyfartha Castle
The Cathedral of York
Windsor Castle
Front Cover
The Tower of London
390.—Cardiff Castle
The College Barges and Folly Bridge
Branxholm Tower
Dryburgh Abbey
Gateway of St. John’s College
Nevilles Court, Trinity College
Court of an Egyptian House at the Time of the Khalifs
Plate 16.—Powis Castle
Plate 12.—Newport, Monmouthshire.
Plate 4.—Chepstow Castle, Monmouthshire.
150.—Daneway House, Gloucestershire.
410.—Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire.
261.—Knole, Kent.
Stanton Court: The Centre of West Point
Wolvesey Castle
Wolvesey Castle
Bramshill, Façade
Place House
The Stone Pulpit at Magdalen College.
Frontispiece: Magdalen Tower.
Christchurch College
Porch of St. Mary’s
Merton College
Bocardo, destroyed in 1771.
Jacobean Houses in Frankwell, Shrewsbury
Cranborne Manor House: The Loggia
Stanton Court: The Centre of West Point
262.—Knole, Kent.
420.—Warkworth Castle
125.—Silchester.  Plan of City.
421.—Ludlow Castle
419.—Warkworth Castle
Stratford Church.
841.—Prudhoe Castle, Northumberland
Hall at Ockwell’s, Berkshire.
Wolsey’s Hall at Hampton Court
1050.—Chilton Church, Oxfordshire.
914.—Strand Gate, Winchelsea
126.—Amphitheatre at Dorchester.
1052.—St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
830.—Beaumaris Castle
2106.—Inn at Charmouth.
915.—Southampton Gate: North Front.
397.—Oxford Castle
832.—Harlech Castle
Stokesay Castle—The Solar Room
Chirk Castle
Chepstow Castle
Carew Castle
Harlech Castle
Stokesay Castle—Exterior of the Northern Tower
Stokesay Castle—The View from the Pool
Ludlow Castle: Gate-way of Chapel
[p.107] Restormel Castle, Cornwall
Harlech Castle
The Maid of the Mill
St John’s College
Antique Books: Woodward
Antique Books: Grose
Kelso: The River Tweed and Abbey Ruins
Smailholm Tower
Newark Tower
Roxburgh Castle
Plate 15.—Ragland Castle
Plate 15.—Ragland Castle (Wallpaper Edition)
Museum of Antiquities
Types of Armour
Religious Orders
Knight and Hermit
Machines of War overview
Castle Diagram
Ballista (Balista)
Machines of War and Castle Diagram
Moveable Tower with Bridge and Battering Ram.
III. The Temple Over the Canyon, Segesta
IV. From Temple to Temple, Girgenti
V. The Columns of Castor and Pollux, Girgenti
Temple of Dendera
A Street in Cairo
Little Orphan Island
Entrance to the Cave of the Elephanta
195.—Condover Hall
Guy’s Cliffe Mill, Warwick
II. The Theatre, Segesta
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