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Caerphilly Castle, South Wales
Front Cover, In Unfamiliar England
1058.—Melrose Abbey
Title Page,  A Short History of the English People
John Wyclif
Front Cover, A Short History of the English People
A Banquet
Frontispiece: Map of England
567.—Chapel in Canterbury Cathedral.
565.—Canterbury Cathedral, South Side.
Frontispiece, Judges V. 20.
Front cover, Bygone Punishments
The Gorgon’s Head
Stokesay Castle
Woodcroft House Murder: Desktop Wallpaper Version
Woodcroft House in Etton Parish in Northamptonshire where Dr. Michael Hudson was murthered 6 June 1648
Colonnade of Medamot at Thebes
The Old Hall, Corpus Christi College
Music: detail: cherub with violin
Initial letter W
67.—Modern Roman Type.
The “lay” of a pair of type cases (upper case).
The “lay” of a pair of type cases (lower case).
Map: River Wye, Chepstow, etc.
Ludlow Castle: Inner Ward and Round Chapel
Cæsar treating with the Britons
Front Cover, Architecture: Gothic and Renaissance
7.—House of Jacques Cœur at Bourges (Begun 1443)
Title Page Image (detail)
30.—Sculpture from the entrance to the chapter house, Westminster Abbey (1250)
Title Page, Architecture: Gothic and Renaissance
48.—Hugh Lloyd’s Pulpit
1057.—South east View of Melrose Abbey
Sweet Grass
Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: G.—Flauto dolce, or flûte à bec.
The Golden Touch
15.—Holding a Ruling Pen.
Front Cover of “England Beautiful”
Quadrangle of George Heriot’s Hospital
Old Framlingham
Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: C.—Dulcimer
Screen in Selby Church
Title Page, Myths Every Child Should Know
Frontispiece: “Yes, there he sat, on the back of the winged horse!”
Front Cover, Myths Every Child Should Know
The Chimæra
A Woman torn in pieces by the Devil. pa. 14.
46.—Kilmarth Rocks, as seen from the South East.
47.—The Cheesewring, as seen from the North-west.
The Barn Owl (Strix flammea)
Tyninghame on the Tyne
Haddon Hall
Farley Castle
My Wandering Boy
1581 Psalter with Rose
Front Cover, Sibly Astrology Book
21.—Armillary Sphere
Title Page, Sibly Astrology Book
45.—Coronation Chair
44.—hare Stone, Cornwall
Title Page, The British Isles (Vol 1)
Front Cover, The British Isles (Vol 1)
Front Cover, Pentateuch of Printing
Title Page, Pentateuch of Printing
Micklegate Bar
Hatter engaging in rhetoric
Mad Hatter and March Hare dunking the Dormouse
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
Frontispiece: Lâon, View From the Plain
Front Cover
Title Page from Cathedral Cities of France
The Kitchen Wall, Peterhouse
Ploughing 51 B.C.
Cæsar crossing the channel.
Room in which Lawrence Washington was born, Sulgrave Manor
Cheshire Cat fading to smile
Alice speaks to the Cheshire Cat
Alice and the pig baby
Cook, Duchess, Cheshire Cat, Baby, and Alice
Cambridge: Title Page
The Great Court, Trinity College
Detail from title page
Byron’s Pool
Front Cover, Cambridge
1150.—The Coronation of Henry IV
Front cover of “Warwick and Leamington”
Father William balances an eel on his nose
The Fish Footman and the Frog Footman
Father William somersaulting in through the door
Father William finished the goose
Cain and Abel.
Town Cross, Stocks and Whipping-Post, Ripple
Westminster Hall
Edgar’s Gateway, Worcester
Plate 71.—Fifteenth century No. 1b.
Clip-art: calligraphic decorative initial capital letter O from Plate 65
Plate 71.—Fifteenth Century No. 1a.
Title Page for “Old English Country Cottages”
The Twa Corbies
2047.—Soldier of Trained Band, 1633
2046.—Pikeman, 1635. (From a Specimen at Goodrich Court.)
King Arthur’s Castle, Off Tintagel Head, Cornwall
Front Cover detail: jester reading a book
Title Page
Front cover
Title page detail: Scholarly King
The Discovery of Tin in Britain
Bust of Cæsar.
[Festiniog Railway Locomotive]
1144.—Quarter-staff (From the Old Ballad of Robin Hood and the Tanner.)
A Cathedral Crypt
1026.—Tomb of the Boy Bishop, Salisbury
A Doorway Colloquy
Tintern Abbey
Two Little Homes—Biddestone
Under the Beeches
Druid’s Glen
Porta San Paolo
Porta San Paolo, Wallpaper Edition
4.—9th Century. From an Anglo-Saxon MS.  Battel Abbey.
Oriel Street.
Chapel of Henry VII., Westminster Abbey
Old England: Photograph of the book
13.—Bow Pencil and Bow Pen
John Knox’s House, High Street
St. George’s Chapel, Windsor
53.—Towcester, Dunchurch, Daventry
1143.—Mummers (Bodleian MS.)
The Gardener
Front Cover
Front Cover
Giant Alice upsets the jury (literally)
The White Rabbit
King reflecting in court
Frontispiece: The King and Queen inspecting the tarts
Nothing but a pack of cards!
Christ Crowned With Thorns
Wordsworth’s House, Rydal Mount
Hobgoblin Hall
Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: R.—Spinet
4.—View on the Grand Canal
Woodland Water
Old Moat of Raglan
94.—The norm Tower (Wallpaper remix)
94.—The Norman Tower
2154.—Francis Moore, 1657.  (From an anonymous Print published at that date)
Westminster Hall
2153.—Billiards (From “School of Recreation,” 1710)
1148.—Circular Chess Board (Cotton MS. and Strutt.)
O Waken, Waken, Burd Isbel
Young Bekie
Title Page
Frontispiece: Clerk Colvill
Clerk Colvill (chapter head)
The late Philip Bailey in his study at the Rope Walk, Nottingham
Title Page
A Vision of the Future
King Edward VII. in his uniform as colonel of a Russian regiment.
A Calculating Machine
Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: S.—Castanets
Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: B.—Serinette
Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: M.—Italian Lute, about 1580
1145.—Playing at Draughts (Harleian MS. 4431)
August and Virgo
6.—Martyrs bound to the circumference of a great wheel, and rolled down a precipice
A Blasphemer turned into a black dog
Lady of Castle Windeck
High Street
43.—Harold’s Stones, Trelech, Monmouthshire
Holy Trinity, York
Rain-Water Head, Haddon Hall
Untitled image, Mediaeval tower
14.—How to sharpen a pencil
171.—English Gothic Capitals.  16th Century.
Door, Skipworth Church
Doorway, York
Alms Box, Skipwith
Cathedral of S. Mark, Venice
5.—Suspended with great weights on the shoulders, and a gag fixed in the mouth.
147.—Italian Blackletter Title-Page.  Jacopus Foresti, 1497.
63.—Bronze Well-Head by Alberghetti—Courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale.
Front Cover, Venice
Frontispiece: The Horses of San Marco, Looking North.
Title Page, Venice
4.—Suspended by the feet, and the head beaten with hammers, etc.
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