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Title page, English Cathedrals
Front Cover for English Cathedrals
Frontispiece: St. Paul’s Catheral from Cheapside.
Wolfsthal Castle: Last view from Austria
Fifteenth Century Manuscript Border With Jewels
New Year’s Eve Punch
Damascus, Syria
Haddon Hall, England
Old Curiosity Shop, London
Front Cover, Portfolio
Border with Green Man and Cherubs
A Good Year
Index, manicule, or pointing hand
Dark Zodiac
Decorative Initials with Naked People
Art Nouveau Nude Archer in Forest
II.—Old Museum, Berlin, Lion Slayer.
Festival of the Pilgrimage
Tailpiece with grotesque gargoyle figure
Statue of Mirabeau
128.—Amphitheatre at Pompeii.
62j.—Initial capital letter “J” for Dance of Death Alphabet.
Holly-Branch and Storm Wind
62y.—Initial capital letter “Y” from Dance of Death Alphabet.
Baroque Decorative Alphabet from Amsterdam
Ornamental Cpaitals from England,  19th Century
Victorian antique style decorative alphabet from Stuttgart
Eaton Hall
Winter Games
Male and Female Costume, Time of Richard II.
Ross Island, Killaney
Edinburgh from Calton Hill
Front Cover, Northland Journeys
Border of overgrown ruins with Roman inscription
Border of ancient skulls
H Sperling: Horrified
H Hendrich: Sea Fables
1052.—Border With Saint and Surfer
922. West gate and Holy Cross Church, Canterbury.
Chapterhead with urns and winged lions
A Boy
clipart: initial letter U from beginning of the 16th Century
Endpiece: well-pump with horse-trough
231.—Boar-Hunting.—(From Cotton MS.)
St. Lawrence and St. Vincent
G. Tornai: At the harem
Serpentin-Tanzerin [the serpentine dancer]
Stock block: Victorian railway engine and tender
stock block: scales, or equal-arm balance.
clipart: initial letter T from beginning of the 16th Century
The signs of the Zodiac, from an 1826 woodcut
stock block: Young male servant carrying a boar’s head
By the Sea
2056.—Old Shoes for some Brooms!
Rev. Theobald Mathew
Marguerite, Countess of Blessington
Catapulta [Catapult]
Endpiece: Tree in a tub
Stoke Pogis Churchyard
Man putting up a poster
Old Shop, corner of Fleet Street and Chancery Lane in 1799
Roman slaves carrying an amphora
Greek family returning from the harvest.
Flying saucer over the glittering city of the North Pole
Kneeling at prayer by candlelight
Frontispiece: A Girl’s Face, after Greuze
Miss Fallutine Preferred to Walk
Jean and George were Exchanging Glances and Whispered Words
III. – Morning in Amsterdam.
Front Cover, Moderne Kunst Vol I
Cork Oak, Quercus Suber
For One Brief Moment Our Eyes Met
She was throwing his line herself.
Oiling the Wheels.
Greek dances after a meal.
Colour plate: Morris Dance
Le Baiser (The Kiss)
A Dance of Shepherdesses
Le Chateau de la Grangefort-sir-Allier. Vue Generale.
Border with mathematical instruments
Chapter-head with cherubs, flowers, vines and birds
Bishopric of St. Asaph
Art Nouveau Border with ivy leaves and face.
Venus and Cupid
Heron Bridge
Initial Letter G With Dove
Typographic ornament with leaves and flowers
Snow White
The Meeting of Mireya and Andresillo
Fig. 57. No. 6.—Persian Ceramic Tile Border
Persion ceramic tile border: flowers and vines, bright version
Paul and Virginia in the Forest
Arched textured border from Paul and Virginia in the Forest
Great Hall of Pillars at Karnak.
Discourse into the Night
Edward Kelly, A Magician
On the Lower Rhine
Portrait of Anna Heyse
Begging Monk at the Door of a Mosque
The Old Farm Gate.
2089.—Barbican. (Designed from old maps and Elevations, temp. James and Charles I.)
Fruit-plate with Bacchus
Bacchus with sun-face
Typographic ornament with horse’s head and harp strings
Xerxes Mandando Azotar El Mar.
stock block: Terrier woodcut
Guild of Carriage-Makers
Ornate baroque-stye border with herubs and gryphons
Steampunk flying cog
Rustic victorian border with 3d canopy design
931.—Chapter House, Salisbury.
Charles-Quint Triomphant
Quinta Giustiniani en Pádua
Fraile mendicante, en Venecia.
Title Page, Chambaud’s Dictionary
Kullervo as a Boy
Enjoyment of Life
Stock block: two dancing harlequins
Stock block: deer skull
Stock block: Child kneeling in a circular vignette
Title Page, Kelmscott Chaucer
Full-page arts and craft movement border
The Lost City Under the Sea
front cover, Allegories and Emblems
Little people at the door—wallpaper
Hop-o-My-Thumb: The miniature children arrived at the house
Historiated Initial Letter U With Clock and Cherub
Cherubs in the rain
Initial letter R with putti in the rain
Initial Letter S with Frowning Tailor
Initial Letter T With Cherubs and Dancing Couple
Wide border with roses and leaves
Ten-piece floral border, green and purple
Frontispiece: Dinant, Showing Old Castle and Cathedral
The Evolution of the Bicycle
Front Cover, El Mundo Ilustrado
Ornate chapter headpiece with vignette of curled-up boy
Thomson’s Road-Steamer and Coal-Waggons
John Bunyan’s chained leg in prison
33.—“Cornish Riviera Express” – Great Western Railway
John Bunyan at Bedford Gaol.
Cavalier Costumes, Time of Charles II. A.D. 1670.
Hobo bird meets aristocrat rabbit
Winged fairy boy sitting in wreath
Chester, from the Alford Road.
Floriated fruitbowl ornament
Floriated fruit-bowl ornament, coloured
Title page from Lewis’ Life of William Caxton
Paracelsus receives from the Inspiration of Spirits
Portrait of Apollonius
Crusaders attacking a castle
Full-page border with tiny vintage laurel leaves and hand-drawn box
The Order of the Inspirati.
Durtal, Anjou.
Courtyard of an Egyptian House
Title page
Front Cover
Title Page
Ichabod Crane’s Gobline
Frontispiece: Portrait of Percy Bysshe Shelley
Title Page
To the Home of Fairy B
To the home of Fairy A
1737.—Portraits of Poets At the time of Shakespeare
Devil Cat
Resurrected Jesus floating in the Clouds
Decorative Initial Letter J
Beautiful and Unusual Full-Page Victorian Border
Oak gallery at Hauteville House
On the Serpentine
Coronation of Henry IV (Harleian MS. No, 4679)
Staircase at Claverton, Somersetshire
The Pilgrims met on coming out of the river.
For the stranger, the fatherless, the widow
John Dickens (Father of Charles)
Ashurbanipal sacrificing the lions he has killed
Decorative initial letter H with dragon
Abstract border and front cover design
Ornate Early Victorian full-page Geometric Border
Front cover for the history of civilization
Initial letter L for drop cap, with squiggle
Infancy of Semiramis
Median Civilization
Bougie and the Atlas Mountains
Girl at prayer
Imitation vellum or paper scroll border
Alphabetum Egiptiorum
131.—Wall of Severus, on the Sandstone Quarries, Denton Dean, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
Godey’s Fashions for May 1870
Chatsworth, Derbyshire
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