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Plan of Ludlow Castle

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This is by far the most important castle of the whole Welsh border, surpassing Chepstow in size and Raglan in historic interest.” (p. 135)

The site is mentioned in the Domesday Book, and thus predates the Norman Conquest (1066), but the earliest existing castle buildings are probably entirely Norman, from before 1100 or so.

The caption to the plan reads as follows:

Description of the Plan

  1. Mortimer’s Tower.
  2. Formerly used as a Magazine, now [c. 1930] an Ice House.
  3. The Moat.
  4. Stone Bridge of two arches which occupies the place of the ancient Drawbridge.
  5. Buildings erected during the presidency of Sir Henry Sydney [16th C.]
  6. The Porter’s Lodge.
  7. A Newel Staircase leading to the Keep.
  8. The Norman Chapel.
  9. Site of the Choir of the Chapel.
  10. Apartments occupied by the two Princes sons of Edward IV. Supposed tower of Pendover.
  11. A small Room.
  12. The Armoury.
  13. A Watch Tower.
  14. The State Apartments.
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