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Plate 93.—Sixteenth Century No. 5
38.—King’s Coty House
Library, Chapel & Hall, Magdalen
37.—Kit’s Coty House.
Lustleigh, Devonshire.
36.—Kit’s Coty House near Aylesford, Kent
34.  34.—16th Century.  Vatican.
2.  8th Century.
The Bridge at Durham
In Needwood Forest
Bemersyde House
55.—Welsh Pigsty.
50.—Gaulish Huts.
35.—Round Tower of Donoughmore.
33.—Carnbré Castle
34.—Stones at Stanton Drew
Gatehouse, Battle Abbey (wallpaper version)
Gatehouse, Battle Abbey.
86.—Pevensey Castle
32.—Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire
24.  Plan of Haddon Hall, Derbyshire
49.—Huts in a Cingalese Village.
28.—Abury.  Bird’s eye view, from the South.
29.—Arch-Druid in his full Judicial Costume.
27.—Abury.  Extended Plan.
25.  Haddon Hall, Derbyshire
Earth Could Not Answer
A Ruby kindles in the vine
Myself when young
A Potter thumping his wet clay
Map of New France
Methley Hall
Methley Hall, Wallpaper Version
209.—Tower of Earl’s Barton Church
The Map of Bedfordshire
The Map of Berkshire
New Post Office, London
Warkworth Castle, Desktop Background Version
Warkworth Castle, Northumberland: Plan of the Keep
45. Warkworth Castle, Northumberland
1532.—Interior of the Beauchamp Tower
54.—Ground Plan and Section of the Subterranean Chamber at Carrighhill.
XV.—Scala Regia, House of Lords.
I.—Detail of Façade of the Old Museum, Berlin, with sculpture group.
26.—Abury Plan and Section
1733.—The Whirligig
25.—General View of Abury Restored.
1735.—The Brank
Tolmen Northwethel Scilly.  From the Druidical Antiquities Plate.
Tolmen St. Mary’s Scilly.  From the Druidical Antiquities Plate.
View of Oxford
30.—Ornaments and Patterns of the Ancient Britons
Burghley House from the Gardens
View at Leicester
View at Leicester, Background Version
870.—Machines for Boring Holes in Castle Walls.
Plate XXVI: Lincoln Cathedral. West Front.
Cromleh near Dundalk Ireland, from the Druidical Antiquities plate.
Cromleh near Plaisnewdd in Anglesea
Kist-vain, from the Druidical Antiquities plate
Carne or Carnedd, from the Druidical Antiquities plate
Lanyon Cromleh Cornwall.  From the Druidical Antiquities plate.
No. 1 from the Druidical Antiquities
24.—Contents of Ancient British Barrows
1314.—Northleach church, Gloucestershire
Ruined Temple of Prambanam
23.—Remains of Old Sarum
425.—Interor of Newark Castle
Cranbrook, Kent
21.—Four Tumuli at Barlow Hills, Essex
22.—Galleries at New Grange, Plan and Section
Front Cover (Masson Edinburgh)
Holyrood Palace From the Public Gardens Under Calton Hill
2280.—The Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge
p.425: Ephesians Chapters 1 and 2
Plan of Oxford from circa 1900
Oxford and its Colleges
Overview map of Wiltshire, England
Overview map of Rutland, England
Overview map of Hereford, England
Plate 65.—Fourteenth Century No. 23.
Biddenden, Kent
869.—Attack on the Walls of a besieged Tower.
Plate XXII. Ely Cathedral.
05: Græca, Textus Authenticus
09: Hebraica
[p.210] The Tower of London
[p.242] The Bloody Tower
423.—Clifford’s Tower, and Entrance to York Castle.
Title page and Frontispiece (Laws of the New Forest)
Title Page (Laws... of the New Forest)
Map of the New Forest and Adjacent Country
Remains of Valle Crucis Abbey
Front Cover
Reconstructed Interior of Fourteenth-century Hall (Penshurst, Kent).
Odysseus und Polyphem
868.—Machines used for the Defence of Stone Walls against the action of Battering rams.
Knight, Death and the Devil (1513)
74.—The Siege of a Castle
The book cover for “The Story of Some English Shires”
52.—Plan of Chambers at Ballyhendon
53.—Plan of Chambers on a Farm twelve miles from Ballyhendon
The Book Cover
Apollo beschuekt die Leiche Hektors
The title page
Perseus und Andromeda.
Herkules in Kampfe gegen die lernäische Schlange.
Achilles und die Gesandten der Griechen
The Baptistry, Canterbury
51.—Plan and Section of Chun Castle
Plan of Caerphilly Castle
Wollaton Hall From the North-East
Rosa Lutescens
Jacob’s Dream
Slave Market
Plate 20.—St. Dogmael’s Priory
56.—The Druid Grove.
389.—Ruins of reading Abbey in 1721.
The Old Well House and Parish Church, Leamington
The Parade and Pump Room, Leamington
Delahay; He beareth Argent, a Star – Dixwell of Kent
Carver – Chesterton
Fairbeard of Middlesex – Fernley of Suffolk
Dryden of Huntingdonshire – D’Oyly of Oxford and Norfolk
Dobbs – The worshipful Company of Drapers
The Rt. Hon. Henry Clinton, E. of Lincoln – Coleman
Burninghill – The Arms of the Archiepiscopal See of Canterbury
Gawdey of Norfolk – The Bishoprick of Gloucester
Dade of Norfolk – Delabere (vulg. Dollabe) of Gloucestershire
Brooke of Leicestershire – Bueleigh of Hampshire
Botereux of Cornwall – Bromwich
Bevill of Cornwall – The Rt. Hon. George Booth, Earl of Warrington
Ferrar of Norfolk – Fodon of Staffordshire
Basset of Uliegh in Gloucestershire – Belvale
The City of Gloucester – Graham of Scotland and York
East of Buckinghamshire – Ellis of Norwich
Frobisher of Devonshire – Garret
Cowdry – The worshipful Company of Curriers
The Rt. Hon. William Capel, Earl of Essex – The Rt. Hon. John Cartaret, Lord Cartaret
Escott of Cornwall – Eyton of Shropshire
Conisby – The Bishoprick of Coventry and Litchfield
Ellis of Caermarthen – Ernley of Wiltshire
The Rev. Knightly Chetwood, D.D. – Clifton of Frampton in Gloucestershire
Folkes of Norfolk and Suffolk – Freere of Suffolk
The Rt. Hon. Charles Bennet. E. of Tankervile – Bevers of Hogsdo
211.—Windows from the Palace of Westminster
Plan of Pembroke Castle
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s House
20.—Varieties of Druid Barrow
Plan of Ludlow Castle
2333.—Guy’s Cliff
Plan of Kenilworth Castle
Pottergate, Lincoln
424.—Peverel Castle
Ely Cathedral
19.—Various Barrows
18.—Various Barrows.
Methley Hall, Yorkshire
31.—British Weapons of Bronze, in their earliest and improved state.
17.—Sarum Plain
Druidical Antiquities
Vanquished Army Passing Under the Yoke
Building A Roman Temple
Neidpath Castle
14.—Druidial Ornaments
16.—Ancient British Weapons of bone and flint.
210.—Edward the Confessor’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey,—now used as the Pix office.
The stairs leading to a Prambanam temple.
Dryburgh Abbey
Overhang—Stokesay Castle
Dunluce Castle
11.—Gaulish Deity.  Cernunnos.
10.—Astronomical Instrument.
12.—Gaulish Deity.  Hesus.
Druidical Temple, Avebury
132b.—Temple ofthe Sacred Tooth in Kandy
Front Cover
Pool of Hezekiah
194.—The Parapet
43.—Basingwork Abbey
King Henry II whipped by the Pope’s Order
9.—Druidical Circle of Jersey
22. Stokesay Castle.  Window and Doorway of the Hall.
23. Stokesay Castle.
The Font, Winchester Cathedral
13.—Two Druids.  Bas-relief found at Autun.
15.—Group of Arch-Druid and Druids
8.—Druidical Stone in Persia.
7.—Druidical Circle at Darab
Rumwood Court [screen background version]
Rumwood Court
Bookcases and Desks
Chained Library in Wimborne Minster.
4.—Stonehenge: section 1 to 2 (Restored Plan, Fig. 2), 105 feet.
1.—Ground Plan of Stonehenge in its present state.
3.—Stonehenge. – Perspective Elevation, restored.
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