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Fort Pitt, Chatham

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The playground of Dickens in his childhood, and the scene of the duel (which never took place!) in Pickwick

(By permission of Messrs. A. and C. Black)

“The happiest days of Dickens’s childhood were spent at Chatham, where he went to live when he was four. The principal productions of this town and its vicinity, according to Pickwick, were “soldiers, sailors, Jews, chalk, shrimps, officers, and dockyard men,’; a description which still holds good. The vivid impressions of Chatham that were received by the timid and susceptible little boy are reproduced in the immortal Pickwick Papers.

We give a picture of the field adjacent to Fort Pitt, the scene of the duel (which did not take place!) between the bellicose Dr. Slammer and Mr. Winkle, who was on this occasion, as not infrequently, in a tremendous “funk.”


The Chatham days were full of delight for Dickens. He enjoyed many a ramble

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