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[Picture: 140.  Modern American Letters.  Maxfield Parrish.]
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140. Modern American Letters. Maxfield Parrish.

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The pages of letters shown in 138, 139 and 140 are intended to suggest forms which, while suitable for rapid use, yet possess some individuality and character. The so-called “Cursive” letter by Mr. Maxfield Parrish, 140, is particularly effective for such informal use—in fact, its very charm lies in its informality—and is quite as distinctively “pen-ny” as any of Mr. Crane’s work of the same kind.” (p. 122)

This image shows the overall page, including the caption, so that you can see that the scan is not perfectly straight. I can scan it again on request, although if your purpose is to make a font from these letters, notice that there is no ‘M’ and there are no digits.

There are higher resolution versions (from the same 2400dpi scan) of the upper case (capitals) and the lower case (small) letters.



92 x 142mm (3.6 x 5.6 inches)

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Added by Bill Briddell on Sun Jan 31 16:00:27 2010

Great font!!! Love to see anything Parrish.



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2400 dots per inch



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