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The Deceiver: Grania and Verney in the Garden

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Grania’s face was full of tenderness, and her eyes seemed to plead for pardon. The hands she held out to Verney trembled.

Verney Drake did not see his sister-in-law till late in the morning following the excited arrival of the evening before.

He was standing with all the weariness of reaction after stirred emotion, looking at the blackened shell which was all that remained of the place he had called home. [..]

Then he heard the rustle of her dress, and turning saw her coming slowly over the blackened débris towards him.

The moment he saw her he was conscious of some change in her, something more powerful than the fire that had set a torch to her nature. He saw by the weariness of her eyes that she had kept vigils, and by the redness of their rims that she had wept sorely; but behind the fatigue and the sadness there was a moving energy, a tide of running blood, strong as the sea, sweet as flowing waters—she was for the moment all courage, all ardour.” (p. 570)



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