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45. Warkworth Castle, Northumberland, in Warkworth, Northumberland, England more

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45. Warkworth Castle, Northumberland

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The keep (cir. 1435 – 40)

Another interesting mixture of the ancient and the modern is to be seen at Warkworth Castle in Northumberland. This was a very old foundation retaining much early work in its walls and gatehouse, but about the same time when Lord Treasurer was building Wingfield, i.e., 1435 – 40, one of the Percies, Henry, the son of Hotspur, rebuilt the keep at Warkworth. It stands on a steep mound at one end of the castle enclosure, overlooking the little town (Fig. 45).

It is planned in the form of a large square with a great bay projecting from the middle of each side, and within this symmetrical outline are ingeniously packed all the rooms which then went to compose a complete house (Fig. 46).” (p. 81)

English Heritage Web Page for Warkworth Castle and Hermitage

Warkworth is near Alnwick in Northumberland

I thought this looked like a nice imposing mediaeval castle (OK, medieval castle to people who spell differently) and yet is simple enough not to be too distracting. On the other hand, this is in border country, in the northernmost county of England before the Scottish border. The castle fell into ruin after the Roman Catholic Percy family fought alongside the Northern Earls against Queen Elizabeth I. In 1572 the 7th Earl of Warkworth was executed and the castle was ransacked by the Queen’s servants. After that it was no longer used, and fell to ruin.

I also made a castle wallpaper out of this image by colouring and resizing it.



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