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The Map of Berkshire

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A public domain map of the County of Berkshire in England, from 1783.

Note: I have only a very few of these: I own volumes one and two of the series, but volume two was sold to me via eBay and was entirely without maps when it arrived. I will try to pick up more volumes, but they average US$300 or more each and there are nine of them.

Places marked on the map include the following: Abbington, Ashbury, Bagshot [Surrey], Bernejam, Billingsbere, Bishopton [Wilts], Blackwater, Blubery, Botley, Boxford, Brightwalton, Buclkand, Camton, Caver [Oxon.], Cheveley, Chilton [Wilts], Chmilsey [?], Colbrok [Bucks], Dorchester [Oxon.], Draton, Eaton, E. Isley, Enborne, Eversley [Hampshire], Faringdon, Farnborow, Frilsham, Garford, Goring [Oxon.], Habgourne, Hamsted, Hedsore [Bucks], Henley [Oxon.], Henny, Highworth [Wilts.], Hurley, Hurst, Inglesham, Ipsden [Oxon.], Karkham, Kennet St., Kennort fl. [river], Kennyngton, Lamborne, Longworth, Luddon fl. [river], Madenhead, Marlows [Bucks], Maston [Wilts], Newberry, Okingham, Oxford [Oxon.], Padworth, Reding, Ruscombe, Sandherst, Shaftbrok, Shauborn, Shaw, Shelfords, Shinfeld, Shiplake [Oxon.], Shrivenham, Silhamsteds, Spene, Staines [Bucks], Stanford, Steventon, Stretfeld, Stretley, Sunnynghill, Sutton, Swallowfeld, Thatsham, Thele, Tichmershe, Topley [Bucks], Turges [Hampshire], Twifort, Wallingford [Oxon.], Wantage, Warfeld, Welfords, Whitchurch [Oxon.], Wickham, Witney [Oxon.], Wotton



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