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Cranbrook, Kent

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Signed SRJ (Sydney R Jones) 1906.

George and Frederick Hardy, George O’Neil and Thomas Webster formed the Cranbrook Art Colony here in the 1900s.

Historic Kent notes about the village of Cranbrook

“Kent, Sussex and Surrey are three of the most delightful counties in England, and three of the richest in cottages that depend for their distinctive character upon the effective use of three, four, and even five materials. A certain number of them are on somewhat similar lines to those in Shropshire and Herefordshire; but it is proposed here to consider more especially the examples of brick and timber, weather-boarding, tile-hanging, and tile roofs in West Kent and Surrey; those roofed with stone at Horsham and the surrounding neighbourhood; those of stone roofed with thatch, found in Sussex; those of flint and stone roofed with tile to the

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