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119.—Coin of Claudius, representing his British triumph.  From the British Museum.
Gospel of John
Gospel of Luke
Gospel of Mark
Gospel of Matthew
Behold: Jesus taken down from the cross
Blow, Blow, thou winter wind
Shepherd Boy
The Bishop of St. Praxed’s Orders his Tomb.
Zpíval Slavik (A Nightingale Sang)
Padalo listí (fallen leaves)
Roundel with stylized blue flowers
Zvetly Fialky (Violets were blooming)
Vertical Steam Engine—For Manufacturing Purposes.
Roundel with roses and thorns
François-Victor Hugo
Gavroche (Les Misérables)
Mournful / Contemplative Full-Page Border With Statues
Plate 23.—Llanthony Abbey.
Tailpiece with Fisherman
Chapter head with musical instruments
Initial Letter T With Angels and Devil
245 [detail].—Rectangular ornate sketched frame or border
245 [detail].—Hand-drawn Victorian/rococo frame
245.—Saxon Emblems of the Month of May.
Swash letter N with Three Kings and Mary and Jesus
Now When Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem
Engraving: Jesus King of the Jews
Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol
Decorative initial letter O with cherubs cooking soup (coloured version)
Decorative initial letter T with cherubs hanging a wolf
Dr. Martin Luther.
132.—Wall of Severus, near Housestead, Northumberland.
Decorative initial “A” with girl and roses
Irregular vintage border from 1712
From the Biblia Pauperum. Block Book. 15th Century.
142.—Ancient Arch on Road leading into Rome.
Vignetted Letter W With Bird in forest
The City of London Seen from the National Liberal Club
Love Birds Kissing
Theban Alphabet of Petter Apponus
Khaya (Kaja) Castle
Castles 8: Khaya, Starhemberg, Grundriss von Lichtenfels
Calligraphic flourish
156.—Uncial Gothic Capitals. 14th Century.
Architecture fig. 1a, Column from Lindisfarne
Architecture (full page print)
Printer’s ornament with birds
The Sanctuary, National War Shrine, Edinburgh
Washington Brass, Sulgrave Church
1054.—Border with Mary, Jesus and Joseph
Cloisters in Santa Scholastica, Subiaco
Gad’s Hill Place, near Rochester (Kent, UK)
Decorative initial letter “J” from 11th century.
clipart: initial letter S from beginning of the 16th Century
1048.—Border with Evangelists
Antique Meat Jack
Chapter tailpiece, winged angel holding cross
Pestle and Mortar in Bronze
383.—Rock of Bamborough with Castle.
Happy bashful fiery sun face drawing
Money Chest: The Treasurey (Coloured version)
Money Chest: The Treasury
Festoon or Garland of Roses
Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves (simplified version)
Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves (landscape version)
Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves (finer version)
Cotton Manufacture Fig. 1.—Saw Gin.
Fig. 99 No. 7.—Ornate border, 9th century, Gallo-Frankish School.
Border, 9th century, Gallo-Frankish School
Drawing: book on elegant table near Curtans
clipart: initial letter M from late 15th century printed book
17.—14th Century Illminated MS., Simplified
17.—14th Century Illuminated MS.
Farmer and his Wife, Ybbstal Valley
Initial letter T with upturned book and horse-rider on quill pen
Letter T with Book
Oval orange border with ivy leaves
Photograph of Sir Wilfred Laurier
Border of twigs (US Letter Sized Version)
62.—Chepstow from the bridge.
Chepstow Castle, 4:3 cropped version
Plate XCIX.—Hydrostatics.—Fig. 1. A quadruple pump-mill for raising water.
1050.—Border with Bishops
Front Cover, Die Kirchliche Baukunst des Abendlandes
Printer’s Mark: Gryphon
590.—Stone Chair in the Chapter House, Durham.
Lines and Leaves Page Border
Anglo-Saxon decorative initial B in the Celtic knotwork style
Byzantine Saint seated, with book
Celtic knotwork dragon ornament/initial
Inhabited Initial letter B, Anglo-Saxon
Rome: Pantheon
Plate 1: Book I, Chapter 2
Watching, Waving Man
Burning the scrolls
Red Dragon on Blue Background
Stylized Black Dragon
62x.—Initial capital letter “X” from Dance of Death Alphabet.
2056.—Pots to Mend.
2055.—Fair Lemons and Oranges.
Out of Sorts - Pieces of Type
The Archdruid
1052.—Border With Angels
885.—Tightrope artist with table and candles and dwarf.
The Proposal
Plate 37.—Thirteenth Century No. 1: Alphabet overview
Floriated initial capital letter “T”
King’s College Chapel, Cambridge.
735.—St. Peter’s, Northampton.
Frontispiece: Restormel Castle Steam Locomotive, GWR
Study by Rubens
Forest of Romance
Candle Saving
The Balloon
Book cover of The Mother Goose, with tape repair
Frontispiece: A Dream: Tertiary Man.
Front Cover
Foliated chapterhead with dragons
A Dream: Tertiary man (Ultra HD TV version)
Costumes, 1480
The Dukes of Gloucester and Clarence. (Royal MSS.)
Cupid and rose briar
Spring hedge-border corner image with love-birds
Crumbling elegance: floriated tailpiece with criblé background
Calligraphic letter “H” in 15th century gothic style
Calligraphic letter “Y” in 15th century gothic style
Wentworth Woodhouse.
Letter D with angel
Calligraphic letter “X” in 15th century gothic style
Initial letter Q: monk with pick-axe
Atalanta Scholarship and Reading Union
The Wassail Bowl
Victorian Carol Singers
Chi-rho symbol (Px) in red, black ad gold from front cover.
Border of Peace from Front Cover.
Vintage shabby-chic ornate full-page border
Vintage ornate border
German Gothic Initials - Swirly Fraktur Blackletter Initial Letter L
German Gothic Initials - Swirly Fraktur Blackletter Initial Letter J
German Gothic Initials - Swirly Fraktur Blackletter Initial Letter K
783.—Costume of the time of John.
Chamæiris angustis foliis minor.
Clematis Daphnoides major.
The Sabôt Maker’s Family
A Rainy Sunday
Beggar Woman with Rosary.
Decorative chapter head with styilized birds and green men
Hinchinbrook House, Huntingdon
Satan and Beelzebub
Gold and Purple Medieval Foliated Border, Vertical
Decorative initial letter “S” from 11th century.
Front Cover
He saw her before him, dainty, alluring.
The God and the Reed
Title Page, New Testament
Irregular border of flowers, birds and nature
Green floriated border
The House Built upon the Sand.
527.—The Western Entrance, Interior, St. Bartholomew’s church.
The Stage Coach.
528.—Prior Rahere’s Tomb.
The Osprey (Pandion)
1252.—Siege of a Town.
clipart: initial letter R from beginning of the 16th Century
clipart: initial letter K from late 15th century printed book
Girl cuddling dog
Codices by paintsmudger
Against the Light
Decorative initial letter I
Foliated chapter-head with geometric border
Bayeux from the Meadows
VII.—Merton College: The Library Interior
XXIV.—Wadham College, The Hall Interior (greyscale version)
XXIV.—Wadham College, The Hall Interior
Revelation 13, The Number of the Beast
close-up of the engraving on the title page
Decorative initial letter “D” from 11th century.
Thistle Ornament
Full page border of wild flowers
Page image, full-page border with wild flowers
The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (second version).
Gadshill Place, Home of Charles Dickens.
525.—The Crypt, St. Bartholomew’s Church.
Jailer walking into the dark
clipart: initial letter I from late 15th century printed book
Woodcut: Snake, Magic Wand, Leather Books (detail of portrait of Ebenezer Sibly).
A closer crop of a portrait of Sir Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens
Wycliffe’s Pulpit at Lutterworth
Fantasy Romantic Border with Eros, Cherubs and Mermaids
Coffee Stall
Avenging Angel
Ostenhanger House, Kent, Plate I
Isolated Angel Drawing
Full-page foliated border from 1478.
Eros (Cherub with Bow)
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