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[Picture: From the Biblia Pauperum. Block Book. 15th Century.]
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From the Biblia Pauperum. Block Book. 15th Century.

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This image is taken from a fifteenth century “Speculum humanæ salvationis”, probably from the first Latin edition of around 1470. The panels represent the fall of Lucifer and the creation of Eve from Adam, respectively.

A scholarly article at the University of California, A Medieval Mirror: Speculum Humanæ Salvationis 1324–1500 by Adrian Wilson & Joyce Lancaster Wilson, University of California Press 1985, has useful and interesting discussion of this block book.

In the later Block-books, engraved sentences and even half-pages of explanation are seen. The dislike of wood engravers to cut letters is the same now as it was four centuries and a-half ago, the mechanical nature of such work being distasteful to any one with artistic feeling. The idea, therefore, or using a second time sentences, already engraved and printed, simply by cutting them away from the old block, was very natural and

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