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2. The Seal of Agares

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II. Agares, a duke ruling in the East, who appears in the form of a comely old man, ambling upon a crocodile and carrying a goshawk on his wrist. He makes those who run stand still, brings back runaways, teaches all languages, destroys spiritual and temporal dignities and causes earthquakes [3]. He is of the Order of the Virtues[4].

Note 3: According to the Vocabulaire Infernal, the special province of Agares is to put to flight the enemies of those whom he protects.

Note 4: [of the Order of the Virtues] That is, he belonged to this choir during the first estate of the Fallen Angels.

(p. 196)

I coloured the symbol green, a colour sometimes associated with Agares, although the book (or my copy of it at least) is printed entirely with black ink.

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