132.—Wall of Severus, near Housestead, Northumberland.details

[Picture: 132.—Wall of Severus, near Housestead, Northumberland.]
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132.—Wall of Severus, near Housestead, Northumberland., in Housesteads Roman Fort, Hadrian's Wall, Bardon Mill, Northumberland, England more

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132.—Wall of Severus, near Housestead, Northumberland.

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The engraving shows a part of Hadrian’s Wall, calling it the Wall of Severus in a confusion common since the 17th century. The Wall of Hadrian is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The appearance of the Wall at House-stead is shown in Fig. 132; and this engraving suggests a conviction of the accuracy of Camden’s description of the Wall:—“I have observed the track of it running up the mountains and down again in a most surprising manner.” (p. 43)

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