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Zpíval Slavik (A Nightingale Sang)

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A person stands on an overgrown bridge under the moonlight. A stream or river flows between reeds and under the bridge; in the background, buildings, and at the left edge of the bridge a tall evergreen. The bridge has an ornate carved pineapple at the right-hand end and a very tall and thin evergreen tree at the left. The overall effect is somewhat spooky. There appears to be a person in a boat in the water, perhaps ferrying a corpse. There are various hidden faces and people elsewhere in the picture.

This is the third of three images in this montage or triptych of pictures by the Czech artist Ferdinand Engelmüler; the three pictures were printed on a double-page spread at the centre of the bound volume for 1897 and entitled z povidek stareho parku (Stories of a secular park). They are printed in two inks (a duotone).


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