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Page 51: Dalmation; Danish; Domesday (English description)
Page 43: Charlemagne; Chiense (English description)
Page 39: Chaldean (English description)
Page 36: Chaldean
Page 48: Cornish; Croatian; Dalmation
Page 37: Chaldean (English description)
Page 45: Chinese; Coptic (English description)
Page 44: Chinese; Coptic
Page 47: Coptic (English description)
Page 40: Chaldean; Charlemagne
Page 50: Dalmation; Danish; Domesday
Page 49: Cornish; Croatian; Dalmation (English description)
Armenian Figure Alphabet from p. 12
Page 23: Ancient British 2; Bulgarian; Bullantic (English description)
Page 22: Ancient British 2; Bulgarian; Bullantic
Page 8: Arabic (African); Lord’s Prayer in Arabic; Armenian
Page 28: Chaldean
Page 11: Armenian (English Description)
Page 31: Chaldean (English description)
Page 34: Chaldean
Page 32: Chaldean
Page 17: Atooi (English Description)
Page 19: Bastard; Bengallee (Bengali)? (English description)
Page 29: Chaldean (English description)
Page 24: Cadeaux.  Carnish. Catalonian.
Page 12: Armenian
Page 9: Arabic (African); Lord’s Prayer in Arabic; Armenian (English description)
Page 13: Armenian (English Description)
Page 16: Atooi
Page 18: Bastard; Bengallee (Bengali)?; Berryan
Page 33: Chaldean (English description)
Page 4: Arabic: Kufic, Molach (modern) alphabet
Page 30: Chaldean
Page 35: Chaldean (English description)
Page 10: Armenian
Page 5: Arabic: english description
Page 25: Cadeaux.  Carnish. Catalonian. (English description)
14: Æthiopica
24: Slavonica, Cyrllic
25: Coptica quasi Antiqua; Angolana
40: Dalmatica, Croatica
27, Malabarica, 3.5MByte scan
11: Chaldaica
23: Islandica
28: Brachmanica
17: Persica
13: Coptica
12: Syriaca, Charactere vulgato
10: Eadem charactere Samaritano
21: Gothica
26: Melindana, Abessinorum
22: Runica
29: Sinica
16: Arabica
19: Tartarica
15: Amharica
18: Turcica
20: Malaica
27: Malabarica
An old Dog will learn no Tricks; If you trust before you try, You may repent before you die.
After sweet Meat comes sour Sauce; [woodcut of stout man, seated, with bandaged foot]
Nothing venture, nothing have; Virtue which parleys is near a Surrender.
The Traceys have always the Wind in their Faces; To cut large Thongs out of another Man’s Leather; Too much of one Thing is good for nothing
Well begun is half ended;  All is well that ends well.
title page
Many Words will not fill a Bushel;  The younger Brother the better Gentleman.
A Shoemaker must not go beyond his Last
Brag is a good Dog, but Holdfast is a better;  The Belly has no Ears;  [woodcut: mouse by house perhaps made from candle with snuffer]
One scabbed Sheep marrs a whole Flock;  Tread on a Worm and it will turn.
One good Turn deserves another;  He steals a Goose, and gives the Giblets in Alms.
It’s neither Rhime nor Reason; What is got over the Devil’s Back will be spent under his Belly.
Proferred Service stinks;  The Receiver is as bad as the Thief;  Reckon not your Chickens before they are hatched.
One Man had better steal a Horse than another look over the Hedge;  [woodcut: highayman with hat and cape leads a horse]
When the Steed’s stolen, shut the Stable Door.
A scan of blank paper for use in backgrounds (public domain)
Near is my Shirt, but Nearer is my Skin.
The more Haste the worse Speed;  When the Sky falls we shall catch Larks.
He makes a Rod for his own Breech.
To buy a Pig in a poke;  Robin Hood’s Pennyworths;  He looks one way and rows another.
A Rolling Stone gathers no Moss;  It is good to make Hay while the Sun shines.
’Tis too late to spare when all is spent;  One Swallow does not make Summer.
Fat Paunches make Lean Pates.
Hungry Dogs will eat dirty Pudding;  He that would live at Peace and Rest, Must hear and see, and say the Best.
Harm watch, Harm catch; It is a good Horse that never stumbles.
Little Pitchers have great Ears;  Many talk of Robin Hood who never shot in his Bow.
Sue a Beggar and catch a Louse; Many Hands make Light Work; [woodcut: well-dressed man scratches his head standing near a beggar with outstretched hat]
Better play at small Game than stand out;  Give him a Rowland for his Oliver.
Give him a Rowland for his Oliver;  Penny Wise, and Pound Foolish;  He that Reckons without his Host must reckon again.
Need makes the old Wife trot;  [woodcut: barefoot old woman hitches up skirts to cross a stream]
Give a Man Luck and throw him into the Sea;  Money makes the Mare to go;  Much falls between the Cup and the Lip.
Good Wine needs no Bush;  Kissing goes by Favour;  A Lark is better than a Kite
He sets the Fox to keep his Geese.  [woodcut: fox watching geese]
A Burnt Child dreads the Fire
What is bred in the Bone will never be out of the Flesh; One Bird in the Hand is worth two in the Bush; A Cat may look upon a king.
I talk of Chalk and you of Cheese; Charity begins at Home; Cut your Coat according to your Cloth;  What can’t be cur’d must be endur’d.
Save a Thief from Hanging, and he’ll cut your Throat; Jack will never make a Gentleman.
As sure as God’s in Gloucestershire;  Every Man thinks his own Geese Swans.
He who has a mind to beat a Dog will easily find a Stick; Naught is never in Danger; Faint Heart never won fair Lady.
Fast bind, fast find;  Like Father like Son.
All goes down Gutter-lane; As Wise as a Man of Gotham; As good as George of Green; [woodcut: stout man drinks from mug, holds saussage with a fork]
A Fool’s Bolt is soon shot;  Birds of a Feather flock together;  Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire.
Curs’d Cows have short Horns; Much falls between the Cup and the Lip.  No longer pipe no longer dance.
As you brew so you shall bake; Every bean has its Black; it is an ill wind that blows no body good
70: Additamentm: Pater Per omnes hasce, aliasq; Linguas.
65: Philosophica altera., Orcadica
71 (continued)
67: Anglica Vetus, Anglica Hodierna
66: Monensis, Anglica Vetus (Wycliff Bible, 1380).
64: Virginiana, Philosophica
41: Servica, Carnorum
42: Lusatica, Livonica
43: Esthonica, Lituanica
46: Germanica Antiqua, Germanica alia.
title page
63: Mexicana, Poconchi
36: Catalanica, Hispanica
35: Forojuliana, Rhætica seu Grisonum.
62: Formosana, japanica & Tungkingensis
48: Svecica, Norwegica
45: Wallacia, Hungarica
47: Germanica Hodierna, Helvetica
01 Classes Lingularum
44: Finnonica, Lapponica
34: Gallica, Italica
39: Berriensis, Valachica
02 Classes Linguarum
Collectores versionum Orationis Dominicæ: contributors
32: Siamica, Madagascarica
49: Belgica, Saxonica
38: Lusitanica; Biscaina, sive Canabrica
33: Latina; Alia Versio, à Seb. Castaliona
Lecturo: Preæsiscine.
50: Britannica Vetus., Britannica Moderna
69: Versio Cl. Viri Jo. Checi, Edvardi VI. Præceptoris Eruditissimi.
60: Syriaca Charactere Estrangelo
55: Scotia Meridionalis, Danica
52: Cornubica, Waldensi
61: Armenica
51: Britannica Aremoricana, Alia Versio
30: Lectio Mandarinica
31: Giorganica
68: Anglicaaltera Vetustior ... 1157
54: Anglo-Saxonica altera vetustior
57: Hibernica
53: Anglo-Saxonica
58: Polonica, Bohemica
59: Slavonica Charactere Hieronymiano
56: Geldrica, Frisica
08: Græca Metrica
06: Græca è Dialectis constructa; Græca Barbara
07: Græca Barbara alia.
37: Sardica, ut in Oppidis loqu., Sardica ut in Pagis (JPEG, includes p.36)
04: index 2/2
(05: JPEG image showing page texture)
03: index 1/2
pp50,51 (200K jpg image)
700.—Byland Abbey, Yorkshire.
Carlisle Castle, Cumberland
Restormel Castle, Cornwall
2105.—East Basham, Norfolk
2103.—Herstmonceaux Castle.
St. Anthony At the City
Reading Abbey, Berkshire.
p. 46, larger area
p. 46, fragment.
703.—Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk.
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