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Title page, Agriculture Or Husbandry

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This page has a tree of categories of items found in this part of the book, along with, outside the large oveal containing taht caegory tree, a eoman with a large sieve or net, and a man wearing only a short skirt who is digging with a shovel. In the distance at bottom middle are two people harvesting wheat using scythes. The oval border contains various tools and instruments use for pruning, harvesting, weeding and so forth.

Agriculture of Husbandry, may be considered in these parts: Improvement of grounds, as, Measows and Pastures; Arable land; Of gardening for delight; A Kalender, of mounthly direction to the Husbanman; Externall Injuries a mongst Cattle and Fowl; Aeveral sorts of Beasts Fowl, & Insects kept with directions to raise, order & keep them for profit; Trees, either fruit trees, or Timber Trees.


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