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231.—Boar-Hunting.—(From Cotton MS.)

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The woodcut here is a drawing showing two men, each holding a spear, and in Anglo-Saxon dress with short tunics ending above theknee, and a dog;they are in a forest and in front of them are tw boars, running away, In front of those are two more boars, eating beach-nuts (called beech masts in the book).

The illumination of the Saxon Calendar for this month [September] exhibits the chace of the wild boar in the woods, where he fattened on acorns and beech-masts. The Saxon name of the month was Gerst-monat, or Barley-month; the month either of the barley harvest or the barley beer making. But the pictorial representation of September shows us the bold hunting with dog and and boar-spear.

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