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Aldermaston, Berkshire

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Aldermaston Court, the manor house in Aldermaston Park, was largely destroyed by fire just a few years after Joseph Nash painted this picture. Today (2020) the Victorian replacement manor is for sale.

A boy wearing a sword and a jacket with a ruff is leading a dog with a toy on a string; they are about to go upstairs. To one side, a woman of noble bearing follows. The staircase is wide, rising by perhaps eight or so broad steps to a landing and then turning to the right. On the stop of the newel posts are life-sized scupltures and part-way up the stairs is a family portrait.

As Aubrey, describing Verulam House, says: ‘In the middle was a selicate staircase of wood, which was curiously carved; and onthe post of every interstice was some pretty figure, as a grave divine with his book and spectacles, a mendicant friar, and not one trice.’Knowl (Plate :VI), Hatfield House (Plate XLIX), and Aldermaston (Plate II) offer

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