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Clovelly, From the Hobby Walk

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The viewer is looking down a steeply-descending path through a seaside village towards the sea. There are slate rooves and some laundry over a fence.

I tried to follow Hobby Drive down the hill using Google Street View, but it seems the Google Car wasn’t able to navigate it: it’s too narrow.

And a mighty sing’lar and pretty place it is, as ever I saw in all the days of my life,” said Captain Jorgan, looking up at it. After this quaint fashion Charles Dickens commenced the description of Clovelly with which he opened one of the best of the “All the Year Round” series of Christmas stories. And it would be difficult in a few words to more completely state the case regarding this out-of-the-way picturesque Devonshire fishing village. Singular it certainly is, and of its prettiness there can be no doubt, whether we approach it from land or sea. Looking down upon it from the thickly-wooded heights through which the road known as the Hobby winds towards it, or looking up at it, as Captain Jorgan did, from the little pier or quay, it declares itself on the instant to be a mine of wealth for the artist. No spot can there be found along that most paintable

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