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Armenian 5
These letters are termed blooming or flowery, and are used in titles of books, and as two-line letters in the beginnings of chapters. They represent flowers, and the figures of men and animals, and in shape are formed like the Lapidaire, No. 2.

Encyc. Fr. pl. 12 and 13.” (p. 13)

There is also a higher resulution scan of the Armenian flowery alphabet.

“Armenian 6
In Schröder’s Thesaurus Linguæ Aermenicæ, the French Encyclopedie in folio, and other books, we meet with the five preceding Armenian alphabets only, but Duret gives this as the first used by this people, taken from the letters of an inscription over a large entrance into the castle of Curcho.

Duret, p. 725.” (p. 13)




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