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[Picture: Botanical Gardens and Magdalan College Tower, Oxford]
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Botanic Gardens and Magdalan Tower, in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England more

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Botanic Gardens and Magdalan Tower

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The Botanical Gardens by Magdalan Bridge. Their situation on the brink of the River Cherwell, and almost under the shadow of Magdalan Tower, is what probably appeals most strongly to the ordinary observer, while those who merely pass the gardens by will delight in the gateway, the work of Inigo Jones, with its statues of Charles I and II. Formal these gardens are of necessity, but there hangs about them a certain feeling of antiquity. They somehow seem to take their place among the old-world surroundings; and fitly so, for they are the oldest gardens of their kind in the country, having been originated by the Earl of Danby as an assistance to the study of medicine, nearly three hundred years ago.


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