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(1) Chaldean 10.

“This alphabet was found in the Grimani library at Venice, and contrary to all other Chaldeans, is written from left to right.

“Some authors assert that this is the character of the Maronites, inhabitants of Asia, on the borders of the Red Sea. (Duret, p. 346.)”

(2) Chaldean 17.

“jean baptiste Palatin, a Roman citizen, in one of his books in Italian, upon the manner of writing all sorts of letters, both ancient and modern, gives this as an ancient Chaldean. (Duret, p. 347.)”

(3) Chaldean 18.

“The copy of a Chaldean inscription, very curiously cut in the square stones of the tower of Baych, over one of the gates of the very ancient city of Panormus, in Sicily. (Fzaelli Rer. Sicular, p. 149.)”




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