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decorative letter “I”
Woodcut with border
Leafy Border from page 483
The Tower Of London Castle Diagram (wallpaper version)
The Tower of London
The Shepherd
A Guid Gangin’ Plea
Frontispiece: The Kirk collection
The lovers, wallpaper edition, from page 501
Decorative initial L
The Kiss: the two lovers in the bedroom, a woodcut from page 501.
Page 501: the vine-leaf page border
Page 501: A Chaste Kiss – Troilus and Criseyde Liber II
Leafy Border from page 501
[Ancient] Greek Marble Mosaics 3: Temple Floor
Letter “O” from 16th century book of hours
The Pulse.
Bottom border with angel
Fox and Goose Decoateive Element
Imprint Page
The Pyramids.
He received the kindest welcome from her; and shyness, coldness, reserve, could not stand against such a reception
Frontispiece: United States Capitol, Washington
Initial Leter Q From Mitelli’s Alphabet
The Shambles
Fourteenth Century Initial Letter U or V from Plate 65
Initial Letter T With Naked People
Title page, The Whole Booke of Psalmes
Decorative Initial T With Dragons (Borderless Version)
Decorative Initial T With Dragons
Heraldic Dragon.
Old Advert: Illinois Central Railroad
61.—Wheel and axle comined with a screw.
The Old year and the New
The Adoration of the Maji.  By F. R. Pickersgill, R.A.
Going Home to Love in a Cottage
584.—Bracket, Lincoln.
clipart: initial letter S from late 15th century printed book
First Nations Chocolatiers
Vessels of Wrath: Asmodeus
372. Male thorax and abdomen
163. Skeleton with Shovel
164. Skeleton with Skull
18. Five Skulls
606. The quivering brain.
Book of Spirits: detail: the Open Book
Book of Spirits.
Dragon Rider
Mermaid Street, Rye
57.—Second Pulley System.
58.—Screw Lever Pointer.
59.—Screw Press.
The Butcher, Newport Market Alley
Plate 73.—Gateway and Bridge, Ragland.
clipart: initial letter V from late 15th century printed book
clipart: initial letter T from late 15th century printed book
Drollery (margin-creature), Jester Centaur
Drollery (margin-creatre), Lion with Tabard
Drollery (margin-creature), Blue Rabbit
284.—The Harp, Accompanied by Other Instruments (cotton MS.).
933.—Early English Foliage Bracket.
Fallen Angels II—Vessels of Iniquity—Belial.
Heads of Evil Demons No. 2.—Vessels of Wrath—Theutus.
Fallen Angels I—A Deceiver—Apollyon.
Antique Map of Munster
Antique Map of Worcestershire
Antique Map of Cumberland
Antique Map of Bedfordshire
Antique Map of Ulster
Antique Map of the Middle Portion of Scotland
Antique Map of Argyle, Bute and Dumbarton, in Scotland
Antique Map of Cornwall
Antique Map of Yorkshire
Antique Map of Essex
Antique Map of Orkney, Cathness, Sutherland, Ross and Cromarty
Antique Map of Wiltshire
Antique Map of Surrey
Antique Map of Devonshire
Antique Map of Berkshire
Antique Map of Oxfordshire
Antique Map of Northamptonshire
Antique Map of Staffordshire
Antique Map of the Southern Part of Scotland
Antique Map of Buckinghamshire
Antique Map of Suffolk
Antique Map of Westmoreland [Westmorland]
Antique Map of North Wales
Antique Map of Leinster
Antique Map of Hampshire
Antique Map of Durham
Antique Map of Hertfordshire
Antique Map of Lincolnshire
Antique Map of Lancashire
Antique Map of Sussex
Antique Map of South Wales
Antique Map of Dorsetshire
Antique Map of Herefordshire
Antique Map of Kent
Antique Map of Connaught
Antique Map of Shropshire
Antique Map of Middlesex
Antique Map of Somersetshire
Antique Map of Leicestershire
Antique Map of Warwickshire
Antique Map of Cheshire
Antique Map of Huntingdonshire
Antique Map of Rutlandshire
Antique Map of Monmouthshire
Antique Map of Glocestershire
Antique Map of Nottinghamshire
Antique Map of Derbyshire
Antique Map of Norfolk
Antique Map of Cambridgeshire
Antique Map of Northumberland
Coity Castle, Glamorganshire
View from City Walls (background version)
View From City Walls (Widescreen Version)
View From City Walls
Get Up and Bar the Door
283.—Royal Costume, and the Harness and Equipment of Horses.  (Cotton M.S.)
580. – Early English Turret, Lincoln.
88.—Dover Cliffs.
87.—Country near Dover.
Angel playing the harp, attended by deer
Border with initial letter A
The West Front, From the Minster-yard.
The Exchequer Gate and the West Front of the Cathedral.
Newgate – Exercise Yard
Orange Court – Drury Lane
Lemonade Vendor
Eighteenth-Century Map of Gloucestershire
Chipping Campden, Old Cottages
Chipping Campden, The High Street
Plate 3. Chipping Campden Church and Almshouses
Stone Henge in Wiltshire, wallpaper version
49.—Stone Henge, in Wiltshire.
Stone Henge in Wiltshire, wide-screen version
Chiddingfold, Surry (hand-coloured version)
Chiddingfold, Surrey
Front Cover
Halfpenny, William III
Guildford Castle, Surrey
clipart: initial letter D from late 15th century printed book
Alphabet from the Golden Bible, late 15th Century
clipart: initial letter B from late 15th century printed book
clipart: initial letter A from late 15th century printed book
clipart: initial letter C from late 15th century printed book
Haslemere, Surrey
Figs. 15 and 16.—Showing Siemens’ Alternate Current Dynamo, with its Excitor.
Badge of Saint Mark the Evangelist
Sacred Monogram and Badges of the Apostles
Badge of Saint Matthew the Evangelist
Badge of Saint Luke
Badge of Saint John the Evangelist
Stirling Castle
926.—Arundel Castle
925.—Bodiam Castle, Sussex.
Victorian vine-leaf page border
The front cover or title page of “Good Words” from 1872
Fairy Dance.
Fig. 95.—Showing Edison-Swan Ampère Meter.
Title Page
Frontispiece: Beata Beatrix
Front Cover
The Day Dream
Little Billing, Northamptonshire.
Stratton, Cornwall
King’s Cliff, Northamptonshire
Strubby, Lincolnshire
Decorative initial (drop cap) D
53.31.—thistle decoration or page element.
Apteryx Mantelli.  From a Photograph.
The Magpie
Bala Town and Lake
High Street, Chelmsford
Free clip-art: Eighteenth-century Border from Figures pour les Missels
Quaint Pointy Hands And Things
Old Episcopal Palace.
Arches of Cloister of S. Aubin’s Abbey, Angers
The Raven (Corvus Corax)
The Horse
The Bull
The Bear
193.—Costume of a Soldier.  From Cotton MS. Tib. C. 6.
71. Seal of Dantalion.
68. Seal of Belial.
67. Seal of Amdusias or Amdukia.
70. Seal of Seere, Sear, or Seir (1).
72. Seal of Andromalius.
70. Seal of Seere, Sear, or Seir (2).
69. Seal of Decarabia.
Sir Thomas More Reflects [detail, widescreen version]
Sir Thomas More
Sir Thomas More Reflects [detail]
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