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66. Seal of Cimejes, Kimaris.
65. Seal of Andrealphus.
59. Seal of Oriax, or Orias.
60. Seal of Vapula, or Naphula.
61. Seal of Zagan.
64. Seal of Haures, or Hauras, or Havres, or Flauros.
62. Seal of Volac, Valak, or Valu.
63. Seal of Andras.
Chapter Heading woodcut featuring a flaming heart
Detail: engraved heart
Detail: burning heart
Old Advert: Oceanic Steamship Company
British Breeds of Cattle I (1/3)
British Breeds of Cattle I (3/3)
British Breeds of Cattle I (2/3)
Sir Isaac Newton
Queen Anne Clock
Specimens of Furniture, Time of Anne.
Queen Anne Chair
206a2: Giant bird pulling a lizard
206b1: Carriage Pulled By Death.
Carriage Pulled by Hounds.
Carriage pulled by a Dragon.
54. Seal of Murmur, Murmus, or Murmux.
55. Seal of Orobas.
58. Seal of Amy, or Avnas.
56. Seal of Gremory, or Gamori.
57. Seal of Osé, or Voso.
Reading Desks. MS. Bodleian Library. (detail)
Carriage of the Fifteenth Century.
85.—Roman Eagle.
Old Advert: Christmas Gift Charms and Brooches
Old Advert: Hotel Chamberlin
52. Seal of Alloces, or Alocas.
53. Seal of Camio, or Caïm.
51. Seal of Balam, or Balaam.
49. Seal of Crocell.
50. Seal of Furcas.
820.—Edward I from a Statue in the Choir of York Minster.
At the bookseller
Antique Eighteenth-Century Map of Berkshire
The grand Door of Barfreston Church in Kent.
47. Seal of Uvall (2).
45. Seal of Vine.
46. Seal of Bifrons.
48. Seal of Haagenti.
47. Seal of Uvall (1).
Heraldic chapter head
In the Train
The Queen kept crying ‘Faster! Faster!’
Behold it then! cried Perseus
Llamas in Peru
Title Page, Descrtion of the new World
Map of the Americas
Front cover, Description of the New World
Title page detail: facing the gorgon
Rhinocerous (Hornnase Rhinocer) Engraving
84.—Julias Cæsar.
44. Seal of Shax.
43. Seal of Sabnock.
42.  Seal of Vepar, or Vephar.
42. Seal of Vepar, Second form.
Ornament: Cornucopia
Ypres Tower, Rye
39. Seal of Malphas.
41. Seal of Focalor.
40. Seal of Räum.
Portrait of King Henry the Eighth
Free Wallpaper: The head of Henry VIII
King Henry VIII Stares Back
Henry VIII and His Six Wives
Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves
Timber Houses, Coventry
Builders at Work.
Specimen of the Würzburg Missal.  Written about 1470 or 1480.
St. Michael’s Mount;
Decorative clip-art Victorian border, Black and White
Decorative clip-art Victorian border, antique green
Decorative clip-art Victorian border, antique brown
1423.—Hever Castle.  (From an Original Sketch)
1377.—Whitsun Morris-Dance.
173.—The South Front.
Chapter Heading Woodcut Featuring Soldiers on Horesback with Spears
[Ancient] Greek Marble Mosaics 2: Eleusius
[Ancient] Greek Marble Mosaics 1: Olympia - full-page border/decorative frame version.
[Ancient] Greek Marble Mosaics 1: Olympia
[Ancient] Greek Marble Mosaics 9: Hexagons
Clip-art: calligraphic decorative initial capital letter L from Plate 65
Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire (Wide-screen background version)
Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire.
Well Bucket Ornament, Coloured
Decorative element: overgrown well bucket
Fort Dufferin and the moat, Mandalay
Border with corner, Item 17 from Plate 85
Horizontal border with flowers, Item 15 from Plate 85
Plate 85b.—Fifteenth Century No. 15 (Borders)
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Chapter Tail Ornament: Ancient Musical Instruments
Molly Sat Waiting For Her Father
Front Cover
Title Page: Bailey’s Universal Etymological Dictionary
Poor Marksman
Old Advert: The Sun Typewriter
Antique typewriter
36. Seal of Stolas, or Stolos.
34. Seal of Furfur.
37. Seal of Phenex or Pheynix.
38. Seal of Halphas, or Malthus.
35. Seal of Marchosias.
The Grace
The Grace (brighter version)
234.—Silver Penny of Offa, King of Mercia.
Portraits of Great Statesmen 2
Abraham Lincoln
Portraits of Great Statesmen 1
Old Advert: Diamonds on Credit
Old Advert: Whitman’s Chocolates
Cupid with a Whip!
Flying cherub firing an arrow
Title Page, In Search of Scotland
Jedburgh Abbey
Frontispiece: Auld Reekie
Brevet Second Liutenant U. S. Grant at the Age of 21 Years
General Grant’s signature
Old Advert: Razall Loose Leaf System
Old Advert: How to Grow Tall
Old Advert: For My Lady’s Toilet
Old Advert: Arts and Crafts Furniture
The Conquest 3: Through the door
The Conquest 1: Perhaps a kiss?
The Conquest 2: Walking down the stairs
1422.—Queen Anne Boleyn.  (From a Painting by Holbein.)
30. Seal of Forneus.
31. Seal of Foras.
33. Seal of Gäap
32. Seal of Asmoday
1425.—Group of Christening Gifts.
The Angel Appears Unto Zacharias.
Initial Letter N
Snow in Town
Axis Deer (Calcutta)
24. Seal of Naberius.
25. Seal of Labolas.
26. Seal of Bune (or Bine), Second Form.
29. Seal of Astaroth.
28. Seal of Berith.
26. Seal of Bune, or Bine.
27. Seal of Renove.
Festival at the East London Hospital For Children on New Year’s Eve
The Angel Appears Unto Mary.
The Star of Bethlehem
XXXIV.—Monument in the Cemetary of Père Lachaise, Paris.
Frontispiece: Too Old for a Stocking
Skenfrith Castle
Front Cover
Snowball Fight!
Children with their teacher
Title Page
826.—Charing Cross.
1.—Title page: The Book of Urizen
6.—Urizen in the Womb-like Globe
4.—Urizen kneels.
2.—Preludium to the book of Urizen
3.—Chapter I of Blake’s Book of Urizen
5.—The Book Revealed
22. Seal of Ipos.
21. Seal of Marax.
23. Seal of Aim.
825.—Waltham Cross
83.—Julias Cæsar.  From a Copper Coin in the British Museum.
Book Plate: Sproatt and Rolph
82.—Roman General, Standard Bearers, etc.
Title Page, Historical Observations
18. Seal of Bathim (second version)
18. Seal of Bathim.
19. Seal of Sallos.
20. Seal of Purson.
Initial Letter S
A Good Thanksgiving
Hot Codlins
Pease Porridge Hot
Great Tangley Manor, Surrey.
Romantic and Atmospheric Graveyard
15. Seal of Eligos.
17. Seal of Botis.
16. Seal of Zepar.
Cherubs Package
12. Seal of Sitri.
11. Seal of Gusion.
14. Seal of Leraje or Leraikka.
14. Seal of Leraje (second version)
13. Seal of Beleth.
13. Seal of Beleth (second version).
An Assyrian King.
The Book of the Law Found.—2 Kings 22 : 10, 11.
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